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What happens when a motorcycle is in a car crash in Miami? In many cases, the motorcycle rider is thrown from the motorcycle. In many cases, riders are rushed to emergency rooms in Miami as spinal cord injury patients or brain injury patients. Some do not survive.

In Florida, riders under the age of 21 are not obligated to wear a helmet. Many states have similar laws. In the past year, Michigan has changed its laws to similar legislation after having mandated helmet use for all riders for more than four decades. The results of the law change have been eye-opening. In the year since the law has changed, the amount of medical claims per motorcycle accident has risen 34%.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has told the media in interviews that the increase in medical claim amounts is attributed to the fact that riding without a helmet increases the risk of a head injury. Research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety had found that the severity of injuries increases after mandatory helmet laws are reduced or withdrawn. Other research has suggested that these types of legislative changes increase fatality rates.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation and other motorcycle organizations note that these studies do not address the real risks of motorcycle accidents – risks they say are caused by car and truck accidents in Miami and other cities that are caused by motorists. These groups note that the laws still allow motorcycle riders to wear helmets. According to some motorcycle safety advocacy groups, the reported increase in sever motorcycle crash injuries on undertrained and unlicensed riders. Some experts allege that more riders are riding without a special motorcycle license or not taking the required safety courses, putting them at greater risk of traffic accidents in Miami and other communities.

Laws like the one in Michigan do seem to change rider’s attitudes about helmets. In the four years before the new law went into effect, according to the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, 98% of motorcyclists involved in crashes were wearing helmets, compared with 74% in the days following the law change. According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in states where helmets are required, 97% of riders wear them, while in states with fewer helmet laws have 58% of motorcyclists wearing the head protection.

Across the country, motorcycle fatalities have increased over the past 15 years. In 2012, there were 5000 fatalities associated with this type of traffic accident, according to reports from the Governors Highway Safety Association. That year, motorcycle fatalities accounted for over 14% of all traffic deaths.

Safety experts agree: if you want to prevent a serious head injury in Miami or your community, wear a helmet whenever getting on a motorcycle or bicycle. If you are in a motorcycle or bicycle accident in Miami or your community and that accident involves a car, the force and size of a car can cause fatal head injuries. A helmet can help prevent many of those injuries; it is currently the best protection riders have.

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If you have been in a car collision in Hialeah or any other community, there may be some obvious injuries. For example, you may sustain broken bones, burns, abrasions, and other injuries. In addition to these injuries, however, many victims of traffic accidents in Hialeah and other communities sustain injuries that are harder to detect. These injuries include:

1) Head injuries.
2) Soft tissue injuries.
3) Emotional injuries.

Head Injuries

Head injury patients in Hialeah and other communities do not always get the help they need because in some cases patients do not present any symptoms right away. Any time you are in a serious accident where your head may have struck a hard object, it is important to get an immediate medical evaluation. Concussions may not seem serious right away but may quickly become serious or even life-threatening with time, and delaying treatment can affect your ability to recover fully. In some cases, symptoms of a head injury may develop gradually and may be subtle. Symptoms can include:

• headaches
• loss of balance
• vision problems
• ringing in the ears
• problems with reasoning or concentrating
• anxiety
• irritability
• depression
• lethargy
• sleep disorders
• convulsions or seizures
• vomiting
• disorientation or confusion
• memory loss
If you have been in a traffic accident and notice any of these symptoms, it is important to seek medical help at once.

Soft tissue injuries

One of the more common soft tissue injuries sustained in truck accidents in Hialeah and other communities is whiplash, or a soft tissue injury affecting the neck area. However, soft tissue injuries can affect neural pathway in all areas of the body. Like head injuries, soft tissue injuries may have subtle symptoms and may not produce any symptoms right away, making them hard to detect. Soft tissue injuries can also have a range of symptoms, including:

• reduced range of motion or mobility
• stiffness in shoulders or arms
• headaches
• slower reflexes
• dizziness
• muscle spasms
• weakness or numbness
If you have been in a car or pedestrian accident in Hialeah or any community and notice any of these symptoms, seek medical help. Chiropractic treatment or physical therapy can help address some of the symptoms of soft tissue injuries, but an accurate diagnosis is needed first.

Mental Trauma

Being in a traffic accident is a devastating experience and in some cases patients develop trauma after the accident. They may suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, personality changes, and other issues as a result of their accident and injuries. It is important to seek help if you have been in a car accident and find yourself upset or having difficulty returning to your normal life weeks or months after the event.

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Studies have concluded that if you are in a motorcycle accident you are thirty times more likely to suffer fatal injuries when compared with someone in a car collision. The reason is because you have fewer layers of protection. In a motorcycle crash, you are likely to be flung from your vehicle and come into contact with other cars, your bike, or the pavement with very few layers of protection. As a result, each year many people are rushed to emergency rooms with injuries (such as head injuries) in Miami Gardens and other communities.

The Government Accountability Office reports around 82,000 people are injured in motorcycle accidents and more than 4500 suffer fatal injuries annually. The average cost of a fatal accident costs $1.2 million while injuries in motorcycle accidents cost $2500 to $1.4 million. The total cost of motorcycle accidents across the country is $16 billion or more per year. This cost does not take into consideration the devastation and personal grief and suffering these types of traffic accidents in Miami Gardens and other American cities cause. According to the Government Accountability Office and other experts, there are a number of ways to decrease your risk:

1) Wear a helmet. The Government Accountability Office has stated that the best way to reduce the costs and risks of motorcycle accidents is to make helmet use mandatory. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, helmets saved 1550 lives in 2010 alone and the CDC reports that the helmets saved $3 billion dollars in collision costs. Experts say that helmets reduce the death rate in motorcycle accidents by 39%. Although not all states require helmet use for all riders and while Florida does not have universal helmet laws, wearing a helmet each time you hop on your bike can greatly increase your chances of surviving a motorcycle accident in Miami Gardens or your community.

2) Learn to ride a motorcycle responsibly. If you want to learn how to avoid a motorcycle-car accident, Miami Gardens and most South Florida communities have qualified instructors and classes that can help you learn the basics of safe riding. In some cases, taking classes can even help you save money on your insurance costs.

3) Take safety seriously. Be cautious when riding your motorcycle. Stay completely focused on the road – distracted driving causes many motorcycle and car accidents in Miami Gardens and across South Florida each year. Ride only when sober, well-rested, and prepared to ride safely. Always follow all traffic rules. While motorcycles are more flexible and allow you to take certain risks on the road, taking those risks can cost you your life.

4) Stay visible. Wear reflective clothing and use lights, especially when riding at night. Opt for lighter clothes that are easy to see. Many motorcycle accidents happen because motorists simply do not notice a motorcycle in time.

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In Hialeah and across Florida, patients who have been in a serious car accident turn to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals to get help. Healthcare practitioners are supposed to be partners in health care and are supposed to be able to provide a high standard of care that helps patients stay healthier. After a Hialeah traffic accident, the last thing you want to worry about is a medical mistake or complication that can make your injuries even more severe. Unfortunately, for many Hialeah car accident patients, medical mistakes cause expensive and painful complications. To help prevent this, there are several things you can do:

1) Take a friend or family member with you to the hospital or emergency room if you can. If possible, consider having a friend or family member meet you at the emergency room to act as an advocate. This person can fill out the medical paperwork, can discuss your condition with physicians, and can generally stand by to ensure that doctors are informed about any pre-existing conditions or situations. In many cases, after a Hialeah pedestrian accident or traffic accident, you may be confused or even unconscious part of the time. Having someone there ensures that the right decisions are made about your care and ensures that doctors understand your medical conditions so that they can make the best decisions about your treatment.

2) Follow-up about your condition with your regular doctor. If you are rushed to an emergency room after a Hialeah car accident, make a follow-up appointment with your regular physician to discuss your situation. Your physician will want to be apprised of what has happened in your own words and your injury may need follow-up care. You will want to discuss this follow-up care with your physician, as he or she likely knows your medical history better than emergency room doctors. Meeting with your doctor also allows you to address any concerns or questions you may have about your emergency room visit and your condition.

3) Be an informed patient. Learn as much as you can about your medical condition and about your health, using valuable resources such as books and medical magazines at your local library. The Internet can also be a powerful resource but keep in mind that the quality of information online varies widely. Ask your doctor for recommended books, online resources, and other informational resources that can help you stay healthy.

4) Keep a record of your medical treatment. This will not only help you to understand what has happened, but if a medical mistake or medical negligence does occur, a record can help your Hialeah personal injury attorney apprise you of your rights and help them take action in your case.

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Each year, Miramar car accidents cause serious head injuries. For Miramar head injury patients, the road to recovery can be long and difficult. These types of injuries often cause emotional upset, lost mobility, memory problems, cognitive issues, and other frightening symptoms. Head injuries are also a leading cause of fatalities in Miramar truck accidents and car accidents. When the head is crushed against or hits a hard surface, the soft jelly-like mass of the brain crashes against the inside of the skull, causing bruising and bleeding. In some instances, the injuries are so severe that the patient does not recover. If you have sustained a head injury after a Miramar traffic accident, you will want to aid your recovery by:

1) Keeping a journal of any symptoms you may have. In some cases, you may not notice symptoms of a head injury until you keep track of symptoms. If you do have a brain injury, keeping detailed notes of your symptoms can help your doctor with diagnosis and treatment. If you decide to file a legal claim in your case, your notes can help your attorney develop a strong case on your behalf.

2) Getting medical attention, even if you think that you do not have a head injury. One of the traumatic things about brain injuries is that in many cases patients do not realize that they have been injured until it is too late. Getting prompt medical treatment can literally save your life. A doctor can examine you to determine whether you have a concussion or another type of injury. If you have been in a Miramar traffic accident and have hit your head hard, consult with a doctor as soon as possible to get a thorough check-up, even if you have no symptoms or only mild symptoms.

3) Not signing documents from the insurance company until you have considered all your options. Insurance carriers want to settle cases quickly and inexpensively, but in general you will not immediately know the extent or costs of your injuries. Treating head injuries may require many months or even a lifetime of care, so it is important to consult with a qualified Miramar personal injury attorney to determine the value of your case. A qualified attorney can review the offer made by an insurance company and may also be able to pursue a fairer settlement on your behalf.

4) Getting copies of all your medical records. Copies of your medical records can help your Miramar personal injury attorney evaluate your case and can help you seek out a fair settlement that covers more of the costs of your injury.

5) Taking good care of yourself. After a head injury, it may be important to avoid playing sports or taking part in any activities where you may sustain a secondary head injury. Getting a concussion while you are already healing from a head injury can lead to life-threatening complications. Always consult with a qualified physician and follow their advice when recovering from a head injury.

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According to the NHTSA, car accidents are the leading cause of death among children between the ages of one and twelve. Children are especially vulnerable in a Davie car accident due to their small size. They are also less protected than adults, since most safety devices in cars are designed for adult passengers and drivers. To protect children from Davie head injuries, bone fractures, spinal cord trauma, and other injuries, it is important to use child safety restraints correctly. That means:

1) Buy the right child safety seat or booster. The right item will fit your car and child and is easy to use so that you will use it correctly each time you travel. If your child is an infant under one year of age and under 20 pounds, use a rear-facing convertible seat or an infant seat. Children between 20 and forty pounds should have a convertible or forward-facing seat. Children between 40 and 80 pounds should use a booster seat.

2) Avoid buying used child safety seats or boosters. You should get rid of a safety seat if it has been in an accident, and when you buy a used item you have no way of knowing whether it has been damaged in a collision. As well, safety seats are recalled from time to time and you do not want to buy a recalled model that has been found to be unsafe.

3) Seat children in the back until they are twelve years of age. The back seat is the safest spot for a child, since the front seat usually has side impact and front impact airbags that can cause serious injury to a child. In the event of a Davie traffic accident, a child sitting in the front seat can easily sustain a Davie head injury or suffocate by hitting the dashboard or the airbag. The safety devices in the front seat of a car are not intended for children.

4) Use a safety seat correctly. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them correctly. If you need help with installation, check the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s website. Some local fire departments and police departments also offer assistance with installation.

5) Be careful of rear side air bags. If your car has them, make sure any child safety seat you install is well away from them.

6) Use booster seats until your child can correctly wear a seatbelt. Your child can wear a seat belt when he or she is tall enough so that the shoulder strap fits across the shoulder and chest, not cutting into the neck. The lap belt should be across the thighs, not on the stomach.

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Miami spinal cord injuries are most often caused by Miami car accidents and traffic accidents, violence, and falls. Miami traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of these types of injuries. Unfortunately for patients who have sustained this type of injury, spinal cord injuries can be among the most expensive injuries to sustain in a Miami truck accident or car accident. The medical costs alone in the first year can exceed $100 000, in part because of the many treatments that these patients need:

1) Emergency medical care. Most Miami spinal cord injury patients are rushed to hospital directly from the accident scene, where they require immediate medical help.

2) Rehabilitation. Miami spinal cord injury patients almost always need years of rehabilitation in order to strength muscles, regain some mobility, and learn to deal with a severe injury. Thes cost of this type of help can be substantial.

3) Counseling and support. Depression is a common concern for Miami spinal cord injury patients, many of whom suffer from depression and even substance abuse problems as they try to cope with their injury. In many cases, patients require help for the depression or even medication for the condition.

4) Surgery. After sustaining a traumatic spinal cord injury, many patients require emergency surgery to stabilize the spinal cord or to remove pressure from the spinal cord. These surgeries generally require a specialist and are quite complex, resulting in higher costs.

5) Extended hospital stays. Most patients who have sustained a spinal cord injury need to be in traction or kept immobilized in order to allow the injured area to heal. Patients may also require more healing time after surgery, resulting in extended hospital stays as well as numerous costs.

6) Ventilators and other costs. Patients who have sustained injuries high on the spinal cord may not be able to breathe on their own and may need to be on a ventilator or may need a pacemaker for the rest of their lives. The yearly costs of the ventilator and patient care for someone using this type of device can be quite high.

7) Transportation costs. If a Miami spinal cord injury patient recovers some mobility, they may be able to drive but may require a special vehicle or a specially modified vehicle that accommodates the injury. In cases where patients do not have the mobility to drive a car, they may need to pay for other methods of transportation. Many patients will also need a wheelchair.

8) Loss of income costs. Many patients spend months away from work after a Miami spinal cord injury. In some cases, mobility issues do not allow a patient to return to work and the patient must find some way to replace the lost income of decades.

9) Home care and home accessibility changes. Many patients with severe Miami spinal cord injuries need home care and in some cases require around-the-clock care because they do regain enough mobility to take care of everyday tasks themselves. The cost of a lifetime of at-home care can be substantial. In addition, in most cases, some changes to the home will also be needed to accommodate mobility issues. For example, grab bars may need to be installed in the bathrooms, lifts on the stairs, and ramps to the house. In some cases, doorways may need to be widened and counters lowered if a patient is wheelchair-bound.

10) Medication and incidental medical costs. Medications are usually required for Miami spinal cord injury patients. In addition to pain medication and anti-depressants many patients may also need medication to deal with occasional infections. In fact, spinal cord patients are subject to many complications, including pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and other problems which may require treatment and medication.

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According to Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Florida ranks 18th in the country for fatal injuries. According to the two organizations, over 12 000 Florida residents each year die due to preventable personal injuries. For those under age 45 in the state, accidents and violent injuries are the leading fatalities.

The organizations’ findings also suggest that more money could be put towards preventing Miami personal injury. While accidental injury prevention gets very little funding, personal injuries cost the US over $400 billion in medical expenses and in reduced productivity. Accidental deaths cost Florida alone $118 million annually in medical costs.

In Florida alone, 67 out of 100 000 state residents die annually from preventable personal injuries, including Florida and Miami drunk driving accidents, Florida Miami slip and fall accidents, traffic accidents, and other preventable injuries. This is higher than the national average of 58 accidental deaths out of 100 000 US residents. Men also are overrepresented in accidental fatalities. Men account for two out of three accidental deaths.

Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation made ten suggestions for how states could help prevent accidental fatalities. These suggestions include adding a motorcycle helmet law, which could help prevent fatal brain injuries in Miami motorcycle accidents. Another suggestion was for Florida to mandate built-in breathalyzers in the cars of convicted drunk drivers. The two organizations also suggested that Florida could do more to prevent teen dating violence and could pass booster seat laws to prevent childhood injuries in Miami car accidents. Florida already does have bicycle helmet laws, prescription drug monitoring, and seat belt laws, which puts the state ahead of some others when it comes to preventative safety measures.

According to the study and other experts, some of the top preventable injuries in the region include Miami motorcycle accidents, Miami car accidents caused by distracted driving, and Miami injuries and falls caused by alcohol. In many cases, the fatal and serious injuries that emergency doctors see in Miami are quite preventable. While Miami hospitals do a good job of treating Miami brain injury patients and other trauma patients, doctors agree that prevention is key to preventing fatalities and serious accidents.

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In the days before air bags became popular and standard features in cars, steering wheel injuries were generally considered a silent killer. If a driver was not wearing a seat belt when a Hallandale Beach car accident took place, he or she was typically thrown against the steering wheel. This generally caused head injuries as well as injuries to major organs, including the heart and lungs. In many cases, the victim showed no external bruising or trauma but suffered potentially life-threatening internal injuries.

Today, many cars do have air bags, but even so steering wheel injuries can occur. Hallandale Beach brain injuries can occur, for example, if an air bag fails to inflate and the driver or passenger is thrown against the steering wheel. Air bag failure can be caused by manufacturer defects and when this happens, the victims can seek compensation for their injuries from the manufacturer.

Air bags themselves can also cause serious injuries. In some cases, the impact of hitting an air bag can cause head injuries and other trauma. Children and passengers who are below average in height are most vulnerable to air bag injuries, and can sustain head injuries and other injuries. When the air bag inflates quickly and the passenger is below average height, the air bag can inflate right in the passenger’s face, causing injury and even making it hard to breathe.

One of the best ways to prevent air bag and steering wheel injuries is to wear a seat belt. A seat belt keeps the driver or passenger in place in the event of a Hallandale Beach traffic accident, ensuring that there is no impact with the steering wheel or air bag. Numerous research studies have shown that proper use of a seat belt can substantially reduce brain injuries and other injuries in a car accident.

Another important way to prevent air bag and steering wheel injuries is to maintain a vehicle correctly. Checking the air bags on a used car, for example, is very important. Taking a car in for regular tune ups is also important as it ensures that a car is functioning correctly, which can actually help prevent Hallandale Beach car accidents.

If you have been injured in a Hallandale Beach traffic accident due to air bag defects or other car defects, it is important to consult with a qualified Hallandale Beach personal injury attorney. There may be multiple liable parties in your case, and this can help you get the compensation you deserve to pay for lost income, medical expenses, and other costs related to your accident. Getting fair compensation can help you get the quality of medical care you deserve and pursuing legal action can ensure that those responsible for the accident are held accountable. Often, legal action pushes companies to make safety changes that can help prevent other accidents from occurring, so seeking out an attorney’s advice after an accident can be important.

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Car accidents are a leading cause of Pembroke Pines brain injuries and head injuries. Although car manufacturers have done much to make cars safer and to prevent head injuries, the head area is still very vulnerable in any Pembroke Pines traffic accident. When the car comes to a sudden stop, passengers in the vehicle are often thrown forward suddenly. This sudden jolt can be violent enough to cause the brain inside the skull to bounce up against the skull, causing brain damage. Even whiplash and mild concussions can cause serious injury and months of recovery time. A more serious brain injury can cause fatalities or a lifetime of suffering. According to experts, there are many things that can be done to help prevent this:

1) Wear a seat belt at all times. Seat belts are one of the best ways to prevent brain injury because they keep you in place in the event of a Pembroke Pines traffic accident. If you are not wearing a seatbelt, you are likely to crash head-first through the windshield and hit your head on a hard surface, which is very likely to cause serious traumatic brain injury.

2) Do not seat children in the front seat. Air bags can be dangerous for small children. Infants and toddlers should always be in the back seat, in an age-appropriate restraint system. Older children are also safest in the back seat. If they are in the front seat, they should use a booster seat to protect them from head injury in the event of a car accident.

3) Consider seatbelts and air bags if you are petite. Studies have shown that people who are not at least average height face a higher risk of being injured by a seat belt or air bag in a car accident. If you are below average height, this is something you will want to consider when adjusting your seat and selecting your car.

4) Always get professional help if you have been in a car accident and even suspect that you may have sustained a head injury. Some brain injuries do not show symptoms right away but can still be fatal. If you have hit your head, it is much better to err on the side of caution and get medical help at once to rule out a serious injury.

5) If you have sustained a brain injury after a car accident, contact a Pembroke Pines personal injury attorney. Unfortunately, Pembroke Pines brain injury victims often find that medical insurance and car insurance do not always cover the full cost of their injuries after an accident. Speaking with a Pembroke Pines personal injury attorney before you sign any paperwork ensures that you understand what your case may be worth and ensures that you get professional legal advice to protect your interests.

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