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If you have been in a car collision in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, you will want to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney who has experience with local car accident cases. Whether you were t-boned or in a hit-and-run crash, Hollywood car accident claims can be complex and an attorney can help you during every stage of the process.


You may mistakenly think you don’t need an attorney because your accident was minor or because you have good insurance. Even if this is the case, you may wish to get a free consultation to discuss your case with an attorney. Many car owners are surprised to see how much even a small accident can cost in car repairs, lost time at work, car rentals, and other costs. In addition, many do not get the full insurance benefits they may be entitled to without legal help.

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If you drive around Hollywood or anywhere in Southern Florida, you are likely aware of the risk of accidents. No matter how careful you are, a rear-end, head-on or chain reaction accident can affect you due to reckless behavior of other drivers.


Knowing what to do after a car collision in Hollywood is essential. The first few minutes after an accident are vital and can affect your healing and your legal case. Being prepared starts with knowing what to do and having the tools on hand to protect yourself.

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Catastrophic car accidents in Homestead unfortunately occur all too often. These accidents are called catastrophic because of the significant amounts of injury and devastation they can cause. You may have been in a catastrophic car accident if you have sustained a serious injury which will take months to heal or if you have sustained a permanent injury. In some cases, catastrophic car collisions also lead to fatalities.


It is important to keep in mind that the rules for catastrophic car crashes are different than those for fender benders and front-end accidents that don’t result in serious injury. Unfortunately, catastrophic car crashes are more likely to affect your health and your financial situation for a long time to come. It becomes even more important to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney in Homestead to ensure your interests are protected.

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If you’re ever in a car accident in Hollywood or your southern Florida community, you may assume your car insurance company will take care of you. After all, you pay insurance premiums and may have chosen your insurance company because you felt they would be able to help you in the event of a car crash.


Unfortunately, for many people who are in a car accident in southern Florida, they find they face insurance issues in Miami or their community. There are many types of issues that may happen when you file car insurance claims after a crash. Your car insurance company may claim you aren’t covered, may offer you less money than you feel you deserve or may delay paying the amount owed. In some cases, innocent people who have been injured are even accused of faking injuries or an accident.

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Affordable car insurance may well be a safety concern. Being able to afford your premiums and finding a great deal can mean you are able to get better car insurance, meaning you may have more coverage in the event that you find yourself in a car accident in Homestead or your South Florida community.


There are several ways you can save money so you can buy more coverage:

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If you are in a car accident in Hollywood or anywhere in southern Florida, you will generally get compensation for your injuries and damages through your car accident insurance coverage. However, you may have other options available to you, depending on the circumstances of your case. For example, if you are injured while driving on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as well as other benefits.


Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance paid for by employers. It protects most part-time and full-time employees in the event of a work-related accident or illness. If you drive cars for a living, for example, your company (or their insurance provider) may cover you for car accidents. If your job requires you to occasionally take your car to run errands for your employer or if you have access to the company car and were performing job duties at the time of your car accident, you may also have a workers’ compensation claim.

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Bankruptcy can happen at any time – but what happens when they occur while a car accident case in Hollywood is pending? It happens more often than you may think. The effects on your case will depend on whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in the case.


Plaintiff bankruptcy

The financial pressure of a traffic accident in Hollywood and other communities can be devastating. The costs of medical care are high and in many cases injured drivers must miss work time, which can affect income. Property damage also needs to be considered. While legal claims and insurance is meant to help offset these costs, settling a claim can take a long time – months or even years in some cases.

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There are lots of ways to buy a safe used car in Hollywood and South Florida. You can visit a dealership or used car lot to get a car or you can buy direct from any number of online websites and newspapers. No matter how you buy, keep in mind the choices you make could affect your safety on the roads.

Used cars can be safe vehicles with many miles still left in them, but some have serious mechanical flaws or even compromised safety features that could put you at risk on the road. A safe car in good condition can help you avoid breakdowns, costly repairs, and even car accidents.


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Being in a car accident in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida is already frightening, but it can be downright scary how a collision can affect your finances for some time. There may be hospital or medical bills to pay after your accident, for example, as well as costs for getting your car towed and repaired. You may miss out on some time at work and may need to rent a car or take a taxi while your car is being fixed.


Car insurance, of course, is meant to help you pay for some of these costs. The problem is that after a crash, your insurance rates may go up. This means that even though insurance can pay for some of your accident costs, the higher insurance rates will mean you’re paying for the crash for months or years in the form of higher premiums.

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This past week, a Florida family announced it had filed a lawsuit against Uber and one of its drivers after a college student was killed in an Uber car accident in Miami in the final days of 2015. This case, as well as a string of other claims from injured passengers across the country, has shone a spotlight on Uber and its drivers.

Uber is a ride sharing service, much life Lyft and Sidecar. You can use your phone app to call for a car when you need one, and the service costs a fraction of what taxis cost because the drivers are not professionals – they’re simply car owners. Uber drivers and other ride-share drivers are contractors, not employees the way taxi drivers are.


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