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Kids have a fascination with trucks and one way to encourage their interest is with truck shows. Truck shows feature the latest vehicles as well as impressive stunts. Many cater to kids, with children’s activities and even toys.


Truck shows can be a fun excursion for the whole family and a way to spend time together, but it’s important to keep safety in mind. Serious injuries have occurred at truck shows due to the speed and impact of the trucks involved. To prevent childhood injuries in Homestead and your community, follow these tips:

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Driving is one of the riskiest things you do every day. Insurance companies estimate that the average driver files a car accident claim every 17.9 years, meaning that the average driver who gets behind the wheel of a car at age 16 can expect to have three to four accidents over a lifetime that are serious enough to merit a claim.


The good news is that there are things you can do to lower your risk of accidents. They include:

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Tires are what keep your car on the ground and moving forward and they are crucial when it comes to safety. Tire problems can make it hard to steer your car or can make you lose control of your vehicle.


Unfortunately, defective and poorly maintained tires cause many accidents and tire blowouts in Hollywood and other cities across Southern Florida. There are a number of things you will want to do to ensure you reduce your risk of a tire-related crash:

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Seat belts save lives. In fact, more than 62,000 lives were saved by seat belts between 2008 and 2012. While they are not as high-tech as many other safety features of today’s cars, seat belts remain one of the most important inventions when it comes to car safety.


In the event of a collision, seat belts keep you inside the car, which is crucial. Being thrown from the vehicle dramatically increases your chances of fatal head injuries. In addition, being thrown around the inside of the car can cause fractures and other serious injuries. A seat belt keeps you in place, even if your car rolls over, helping you to avoid some injuries.

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Whether you’re planning your commute, a road trip, a visit to a new destination, or any other drive, planning your route is an important part of knowing what to expect and understanding how to get your final destination. Planning your driving route can help you choose the most expedient and possibly most interesting way to get your destination. It can also help you avoid traffic collisions.


Planning helps you target any potential hazard areas and allows you to choose the route which is least likely to lead to a crash in Hollywood or your community. There are a few things you will want to keep in mind when planning your traffic route:

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It’s always a good idea to know the basics of preventing traffic accidents in Tamarac and other South Florida cities. While we all want to drive safely and prevent car accidents, we don’t need to know little-known hacks to do so. Often, it’s a good grasp of the basics of the road and the application of those rules that makes the biggest impact.



If you want to prevent collisions, make sure you follow these basics:

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There may be more than we think. According to the AAA, 80% of drivers polled across the country have admitted to driving angry or to road rage or have admitted to aggression while driving within the past twelve months.


Aggressive driving and road rage can include:

  • Cutting off or blocking other motorists
  • Shouting at drivers
  • Making obscene gestures
  • Tailgating
  • Excessive horn honking
  • Speeding due to anger

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Driver rehabilitation professionals in Hollywood and across Florida help people with different abilities drive a car safely. If you have suffered a serious injury after a car accident in Hollywood or your community and now face a permanent injury such as an amputation, head injury, spinal cord injury, or any injury, driver rehabilitation can help you determine how you can get safely back to driving.


Driver rehabilitation professionals are also essential in helping senior drivers drive safely, even as their physical condition changes. Senior drivers and other drivers who suffer from physical conditions such as arthritis, vision problems, and other mobility problems can work with rehabilitation professionals to find solutions to help them maintain independence.

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When you first got your license, you probably took driver’s education classes. If it was some time ago, you may not have needed to go through the graduated licensing process and you may only have gotten a few hours of instruction. Even if you received your license more recently, you likely only had about 10 hours of in-car instruction with a professional.


Luckily, you aren’t limited to driver’s education classes. There are in fact many types of courses you can take to improve your driving skills and become a safer motorist.

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There’s not much you can do about drunk driving in Hollywood, aggressive drivers, distractions on the roads, or poor road maintenance. However, if you want to avoid a car accident in South Florida, there is one thing you can control: you.


By becoming a safer driver, you can become more confident behind the wheel and slash your risk of an accident – no matter what other drivers are doing on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers think they drive wonderfully and there’s no room for improvement. Most driving instructors and safety experts disagree: many of us have bad habits or areas where we can improve.

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