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In Hollywood and in South Florida, it’s not unusual to see rental bikes by companies such as Uber, Citi, and other players in the market. For tourists, rental bikes are an inexpensive and pleasant way to see the beauty of South Florida without having to rent a car. They can also potentially help reduce car exhaust and offer a workout for users.

Unfortunately, due to the number of rental bikes offered in the area, some problems can occur:

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In Hollywood, Miami and other South Florida communities, golf is a very popular activity. The warm weather allows for golfing year-round and the region has some of the best greens in the country. Golf carts are a part of the game and with a large population of seniors in South Florida, golf carts are often used to get around a course.


However, golf carts are not just used at the golf course. In many cases, residents use these vehicles to get around. In fact, street-legal golf carts are permitted by federal laws on streets with speed limits of 35 mph. Putting golf carts, even street-legal ones, on the road with much larger vehicles which are allowed to drive much faster can be dangerous.

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Driving in Hollywood in the summer is beautiful because you can see of the shoreline and the beautiful architecture and green spaces of this part of the country. However, driving anywhere in South Florida in the summer comes with certain additional risks.


Whether you are visiting or you are a resident and driving in Hollywood, make sure that you look out for these hazards which can lead to a serious Hollywood car accident:

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Short-term rentals have become more popular in places such as Hollywood, Miami, and other parts of Southern Florida. Short-term rentals are one way for homeowners to make money, but having guests in a home can also lead to injuries. In addition, some homeowners associations and neighbors are unhappy about residences being turned into part-time (or, in some cases, full-time) hotels.


One of the risks with short-term rentals has to do with the potential of car accidents. There are many reasons why short-term rentals can increase the risk of car collisions in some Hollywood and South Florida communities:

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This year, Britain’s Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, gave up his driver’s license after getting into a car accident at age 97. When his news made headlines, it started many discussions about aging and driving safety. If you live in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, you may wonder whether you can continue to drive safely as you get older. Or, you may be worried about an older driver who seems to be struggling.


While many older drivers continue to drive safely and while as a group seniors have a lower rate of accidents, statistically, than young adults in many studies, there is no doubt that some of the health concerns associated with getting older can negatively impact driving. Decreased mobility due to osteoporosis and other conditions or declining vision due to age can impact the ability to safely drive a car.

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Sideswipe accidents in Hollywood, Homestead, and other communities are unfortunately quite common. These collisions happen when two cars are traveling in the same direction next to each other and the two vehicles come into contact with each other. Although they may seem less dramatic than T-bone or front-end crashes, sideswipes can be very dangerous. Depending on how fast the two vehicles are traveling, a great deal of force can be exerted and passengers inside may even get trapped in the car.


Sideswipe crashes often happen because one vehicle tries to merge or change lanes without checking oncoming traffic and checking blind spots. These collisions are also common when a motorist drifts into other lanes due to drunk driving, fatigue, or distracted driving. Finally, these crashes can happen if a driver swerves suddenly to avoid something on the road or another hazard. In all these cases, such collisions are largely preventable.

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Broadside crashes, also known as T-bone accidents, are common in Homestead, Hollywood, and across South Florida. These accidents occur when the front end of one vehicle impacts with the side of another car or truck. These collisions tend to be interaction accidents, occurring when drivers fail to yield right-of-way or when someone runs a stop sign or red light.


Unfortunately, T-bone collisions often lead to severe injuries. Since there is little crumble zone and less space between passengers and the side of the car when compared with passengers and the rear or front of a vehicle, it is more likely that passengers will be directly impacted. Many cars have side-impact airbags to offer some protection, but at full speeds at an intersection a truck or car crashing into a driver side or passenger side can still cause devastation.

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We already know that motorcycle accidents in Homestead and other communities mean risk. Motorcyclists have fewer layers of protection than drivers—there’s no air bag, enclosed frame, seat belt, and other car safety system to protect them. But does that mean motorcycle accidents can lead to more injuries when compared with car crashes?



According to a new study conducted by researchers from Sunnybrook Hospital and the University of Toronto, motorcycle accidents may indeed be deadlier. The large-scale study examined 281,826 people injured in car crashes and 26,831 individuals hurt in motorcycle collisions. The results showed that those in motorcycle accidents had three times the rate of injury when compared with patients injured in cars. In addition, motorcycle accident patients had injuries ten times more likely to be severe when compared with car collision victims.

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With just a little over a week until the end of the year, are you looking for a few final gifts for loved ones and friends in Homestead and Florida? If you have friends who drive, you can use your presents to give them the gift of safety all year long.


We have a few suggestions to take care of those final items on your to-do list:

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