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If your child has been in a Hollywood or South Florida accident, you may feel fortunate if your child has walked away without serious injuries. However, you still need to stay alert for the emotional impact of a car collision. Many children struggle in the weeks and months following a crash; some even develop depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other challenges.


To help your child, you will want to:

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Frontover car accidents in Hollywood and Florida are devastating, especially since they often involve very young victims. These car collisions occur when a driver is moving forward slowly and does not see a pedestrian or passenger directly in front of the car. Most often, these incidents involve children, who may not be visible over the front hood of a car and residential driveways as well as commercial parking lots are locations where such accidents are especially common.


Each year, thousands of children suffer serious or fatal injuries due to frontover accidents. These injuries can be prevented in a few basic ways:

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If you are pregnant, getting things to fit will eventually be a problem. This can especially be an issue if what you’re trying to fit is a seat belt.


Seat belts provide the best protection for all passengers in a collision. If you are expecting, a seat belt can save your life and your baby’s. However, the way you wear your seat belt will change, depending on your trimester. Wearing your seat belt incorrectly can mean a danger to yourself and your baby. If you wear your seat belt across your belly, for example, the sudden movement and pressure of the belt in a crash can push onto your stomach. It can cause the placenta to tear away or can cause other serious injuries.

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Age-appropriate safety restraint systems are one of the best ways to prevent childhood injury to young passengers. If you are ever in a car collision in Hollywood or any Florida community, having your child in an appropriate safety seat can help them avoid more serious injury. It could even save their lives.


One of the best things you can do for your child when you drive them around is to buckle them into the right safety restraint system for their age. You should use weight and age guidelines, but in general you will want to use this guide to choose the right option:

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If you have child passengers, age-appropriate car seats are one of the best ways to protect them. In the event of a car crash in Homestead or your community, a car seat keeps a child safe and prevents them from being ejected from the car or being thrown about the interior. This can help minimize head trauma, spinal cord damage and other serious injuries.


Children are unique because their bodies and spinal cords are still developing. This puts them at an increased risk of serious injuries, especially before the age of six or so. Age-appropriate car seat are designed to mitigate this risk in the event of a crash, helping child passengers improve the odds of surviving a serious car crash.

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If you have children, car seats are essential. Age-appropriate safety seats can help protect your child in the event of a car accident in Homestead or your hometown. However, safety seats are useless unless they are used consistently and properly.

If you want to keep your smallest passengers safe, there are several things you will want to do to ensure your car seats offer maximum protection:

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Buying a new car seat for your child is one of the first purchases you may make as you plan on a new addition to your family. While using a car seat is the law in Hollywood and across Florida and while parents understand the importance of having a car seat, having the safety device is not enough. To prevent infant and child injuries in a Hollywood car accident, you need to use the car seat correctly.


Statistics show a significant portion of families do not use car seats in a way that will offer the child maximum protection in a crash. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), for example, 75% of car seats are not installed properly. Using a car seat incorrectly can be as dangerous as not using one at all.

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A good safety restraint system for your child is the best way to protect your child in the event you are in an accident. While you are driving your child around to school, preschool, or doctor’s appointments, a baby seat or booster seat helps keep them safe. If you are ever in a car accident in Hollywood or any community, a safety restraint system will keep your child from being thrown from the vehicle or from being tossed around inside your car, preventing injury or reducing the severity of injury.

In Florida, baby seats are the law. They’re also just good parenting sense, but with so many options on the market today many parents are confused about which products to buy. The most important thing is to buy the best seat you can and to have it installed and used correctly every time your child is driven somewhere.


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Being in a car accident is always frightening, but it can be even more devastating for a pregnant woman. A car accident involving a pregnant woman puts not only the woman’s health but also the very life of her unborn baby into danger.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents are responsible for close to 5,000 fetal deaths and many more complications and fetal injuries each year.

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With Halloween only a week away, many parents are putting the finishing touches on Halloween costumes, are getting ready for Halloween parties, and are planning for a big night of trick-or-treating. While many parents have a plan in place to check over candy before allowing their children to eat it, candy is not the biggest hazard to your children this Halloween. Pedestrian accidents in Hollywood and South Florida are in fact a leading cause of concern.


Children out for Halloween may be interested in candy so much that they forget basic road safety rules. In some cases, if they are unsupervised, they may run out between cars or cross the street in a zigzag pattern, putting them at risk of car accidents. Dark costumes and darkened streets can also contribute to accidents.

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