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Now that school is starting again, the morning commute may be a subject of conversation around your house in Hollywood or your community. If you have young drivers in your household, they may be excited at the prospect of driving to school.


Young drivers are often serious about learning to drive safely, but they still have less experience on the roads when compared with older drivers. This can put teen drivers at a risk of collisions. The morning commute, especially, can be a daunting time for teens to drive, because this time of day can mean lots of traffic in the Hollywood and South Florida area. If your teens want to drive to school for the first time, there are a few things you’ll want to do:

1) Make sure they’re ready.

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Teenagers who have just secured their driver’s licenses inevitably want the freedom of their own car. Unfortunately, because of budget concerns, they may be choosing a much older model without some of the safety features of a modern car. Studies have shown older cars purchased by teenagers may have fewer safety standards and may potentially put them at risk in the event of a car accident.

Photo by: Hans Haase

Photo by: Hans Haase

Of course, you want your child to be safe. That’s why you’ll want to follow these tips for ensuring your child gets a safe car:

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At this time of year, many new and young drivers in Hollywood and across Southern Florida are looking forward to a summer of freedom and driving. If you have a newly-licensed motorist in your family, they may be eager to hit the open road and even go on a road trip.


Here are some ways to ensure your teen is safe on the roads if they’re interested in going on a road trip before fall:

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If you’re a new driver, you have the opportunity to develop smart driving skills that will help you avoid car accidents in Hollywood or your community. The habits and education you develop now – in the first few years you have your license – can make a big impact on your overall safety. A solid start in driving can help you avoid accidents and can prepare you for many years of safety on the roads.


There many ways you can hone your driving skills and stay safe as a new driver:

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Many parents don’t want to consider that their children drink alcohol, but statistics show the majority of high school graduates will have tried alcohol at least once and will have been intoxicated at least once – well before their 21st birthday.


No matter what your personal opinions about underage drinking, the reality is that during the holiday season underage drinking may be an especially considerable problem. Teenagers may be spending time with friends or heading to holiday events where alcohol will be served. It can be difficult to think about this or talk about it with your family, but it’s an important topic. Underage drinking is a danger to your family for two main reasons:

  1. It can lead to serious health concerns, including a dependence on alcohol or even alcohol poisoning
  2. It can lead to drunk driving accidents

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If you have teenagers in your home, you need to have a conversation about safe holiday driving. If your teens don’t drive yet, you may think that they are safe. However, they may still be getting dropped off by an older friend, and the risk of drunk driving accidents is still there.

If you have new drivers in your home, your teenagers need to understand the dangers of holiday driving. You may also need to set limits and rules to ensure they drive safely.


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Are one of your children headed for college this fall? If they are taking their car, you want to make sure that your child can stay safe on the road. Your child may be taking their car to school to get around more easily, but car accidents can easily happen, especially if your child is so busy with classes that they can’t take proper care of their car.


The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have already helped thousands of families affected by serious car accident or personal injuries. We know how devastating a serious injury can be, which is why we want to offer these tips for keeping your child safe at college:

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Do you have new teenage drivers in your household? If so, they may be looking forward to getting on the road this summer. You, however, might be worried about their safety. After all, Hollywood and Florida authorities sometimes note that teens and new drivers have a potentially higher risk of injuries and crashes.


To make sure that your teenager has a good first summer on the road with a reduced risk of injuries, make sure that you:

Set some ground rules.

Studies have suggested that teenage passengers are one of the leading causes of distraction for teenage drivers and can increase the risk of car accidents considerably. Set rules about the number of friends that your teenager can have in the car at any one time. Also, make sure that your teen knows the dangers of distracted driving and drunk driving. Give your teen statistics about distraction and DUI accidents in Hollywood and Florida. Make it clear that driving privileges will be revoked if your teen drives unsafely.

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Although teen drivers account for only 7% of all Florida drivers, they are part of almost a quarter of all traffic accidents on our roadways. Safety experts have offered many explanations for this phenomenon. Some claim that teens and young drivers may simply not have yet developed the skills to avoid collisions in Hollywood and communities. In addition, some youthful drivers may engage in more risk-taking activities, in part because their decision-making processes and understanding of consequence works differently than it does with adults.


However, some experts also say that licensing laws in the state as well as training expectations could be putting new drivers at a disadvantage. There have been calls to change education standards and testing to ensure that drivers are more ready for the responsibility of driving a car.

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Getting a first car is a rite of passage for many teens. In many cases, a teen’s first car is either a used car purchased with savings or an older family car. For years, safety experts have been warning that older cars driven by teens may not have the newest safety technology and may not be in excellent mechanical repair, increasing the risk of collision for new drivers who may not have the best driving habits established yet. According to experts, older cars may not be as crash safe as newer vehicles, increasing the risk of injuries in the event of a car collision in Coral Gables or another community.


A new study suggests that those warnings may have been correct.

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