Accidental Speeding? How to Stop it and Prevent a Car Accident

When many drivers are pulled over for speeding, they are surprised to find that they were speeding. While in some cases drivers are simply embarrassed to be caught speeding, in other cases drivers are genuinely caught unaware, since their speed increased gradually while they were not paying attention. Experts agree that speeding – whether intentional or not – can cause serious car accidents that can result in serious personal injuries, such as head trauma, burn injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries. As a result, every driver should take care to avoid speeding for any reason. Here’s how:

1) Stay alert to what is happening with your car. Get into the habit of glancing at your dashboard from time to time. Good drivers do this, because they know it is the only way to ensure that the car is working well and that things are going well. Looking at the numbers on your dashboard ensures that you notice your speed and adjust it accordingly.

2) Avoid highway hypnosis. Highway hypnosis occurs when you drive on a freeway or highway for an extended period of time and essentially stop focusing on your driving due to fatigue and repetitive motions and scenery. If you must drive for extended periods of time, get plenty of rest, take frequent breaks and consciously stay alert and focused on your driving.

3) Use cruise control correctly. Cruise control features are useful as they allow you to set a specific speed and remain at that speed without you having to adjust the gas pedal. On the highway, cruise control keeps your speed constant and ensures that you do not begin to creep over the speed limit. Always use cruise control only with highway driving. Most other types of driving require you to adjust your speed regularly.

4) Avoid distractions in the car. Using your mobile device, changing your music selections, eating, and other distractions do not allow you to notice many things, including how fast you are really going.

5) Avoid speeding on purpose. Avoid speeding when you are relatively sure you will not get caught. It’s a dangerous habit and it gets your body used to a faster speed, so that you lose the instinct for what the regular speed limit feels like. If you speed from time to time, you are more likely to speed in areas where you will be caught, so obey speed limits at all times.

6) Notice road signs. Speed limits change, so make sure that you obey and notice all traffic and road signs. It is your responsibility as a driver.

7) Never drink and drive. Alcohol leads to drunk driving accidents and even a few drinks can lower your inhibitions and can make you less liable to notice when you are speeding.

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