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The COVID-19 pandemic is changing many areas of our lives. Many of us are working from home, checking in on elderly loved ones, and concerned about the future. We’re consuming more news and may be feeling some anxiety. In addition to affecting our everyday lives, the current situation and the stress it can produce can impact our ability to drive safely in a few ways:


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In Homestead and across South Florida, drivers are fortunate to not have to deal with icy or snowy roads very often. However, slippery roads can still happen in these areas thanks to spills and due to rainy conditions. Knowing how to drive on a slippery road is essential to avoiding car accidents.


When a road is slick due to rain or a spill, your tires can’t grip the road properly. This can lead to situations where your car does not brake as quickly as you need to, which can cause rear-end shunt accidents. In some cases, slick roads can also lead to drivers losing control of their cars. Multiple vehicle accidents are not uncommon in these situations.

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Car accidents in Hollywood can have a profound impact on mental health of survivors. The trauma of the crash itself as well as the emotional upheaval of a long recovery and the stress of financial worries can all contribute to anxiety, depression, and other ailments.


Unfortunately, mental health can be underdiagnosed and undertreated after a car crash but can affect your ability to recover your life. When you are struggling after a car accident, you may face these additional obstacles:

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Traffic congestion happens in Miami, Hollywood, and across South Florida. Older roads, heavy reliance on traffic, bad weather, construction, and lots of residents and tourists can all contribute to traffic.


Congestion on the roads does not just lead to delays and frustration. It can also cause car accidents and even chain-reaction car collisions. When people are in a rush, they may get impatient and drive too close. Many Miami rear-end shunt collisions happen this way. Heavy traffic can also cause instances of road rage, which itself can lead to injuries.

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Child passengers face some unique risks when it comes to Homestead car accidents. The smaller bodies of children are more likely to be adversely affected by crashes and children have little say about who drives them. Parents have a responsibility to ensure those who transport their children are safe.


Moreover, parents have a duty to teach car safety early. Children start learning about road safety long before they apply for a driver’s permit at age 16. Kids also need to learn how to stay safe around cars so they can safely navigate being a pedestrian. Here’s how you can make sure your children grow up ready to live near cars:

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Trying to catch a flight can be stressful. Getting to Miami airport or any airport area safely can be challenging because these areas tend to attract many people and many airports routinely undergo construction, which means detours, crowds, and difficulty getting around. Signage may not always be ideal and the inconvenience of missing a flight can mean you may be tempted to rush.


When you’re heading to Miami airport or any local airport from Hollywood, you may be at risk of a collision. People dropping off or picking up passengers can create a lot of chaos near the airport and drivers may be distracted by looking for a gate or drop-off area. In addition, airports can be confusing, with cars, taxis, pedestrians, and other road users all sharing the same space and all focused on getting to their next destination. If you are traveling early in the morning or late at night, you may also be dealing with fatigued or groggy drivers, further adding to the risk.

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When we talk about safe driving in Hollywood and South Florida, we often talk about avoiding distraction, drunk driving, and other dangers. While these are all important, it’s also crucial to set up your vehicle so it helps you drive safely.


If you drive often or drive for work, especially, it is important to ensure your car is set up for ergonomics. You can do this by reading your car manual and:

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You may have heard about mindful eating and mindful living. A number of experts have suggested when we put our focus on whatever it is we’re doing—whether it’s eating or completing everyday tasks—we get better outcomes. With food, we are less likely to overeat. With work, we are less likely to make errors.


Maybe it’s time for mindful driving, too.

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Now that the New Year has arrived, it’s time to take stock of ways you can reduce your risk of serious injury. Driving is one of the most hazardous things most of us do on a daily basis, so becoming safer on your daily commute can do much to lower your risk of injury overall.


Drivers in Hollywood, Miami and across Florida face risks every time they get behind the wheel. Whether it’s drunk drivers, poor infrastructure, distraction, or other dangers, it only takes seconds to cause an accident. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your risk:

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At this time of year, many Hollywood residents are spending more time in retail centers across South Florida. You are likely driving to many shopping areas to cross off your holiday shopping list. Unfortunately, so is everyone else. The added traffic and the realities of holiday driving can put you at risk of car accidents in Hollywood and across South Florida.


Surprisingly, parking lots are one of the sites where accidents can easily happen. Even though these accidents tend not to be fatal, they can be devastating. It is not uncommon for these collisions to lead to fractures, head injuries, crushing injuries, and even fatalities. Parking lots at this time of year get very busy and they include shoppers walking around, children running around, cars, and large trucks making deliveries. All of these people and vehicles sharing a small space can result in collisions.

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