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Farm equipment shares our roads, especially during harvest time. Florida laws allow operators of farm equipment to use public roads, but this can lead to accidents. In fact, the National Safety Council reports that about a third of all tractor fatalities occur on public roads and bout 80% of accidents involving these vehicles happen in dry weather and during the daytime.


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Drowsy driving is a serious problem in Hollywood and South Florida, where tired drivers cause serious and even fatal accidents. While we may think parents and working-age adults may be most at risk, studies show drivers in the 16-24 age group are 80% more likely to be in a fatigued driving collision when compared with drivers over 40 years of age. Drowsy driving accidents are often fatal and often lead to serious, permanent injuries that can impair a young adult’s life.


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Many cities across the country are seeing a rise in the use of smaller, lighter personal vehicles such as e-scooters, bicycles, e-bikes, and motorcycles. Part of this trend may be because these vehicles use less gasoline (or no gasoline), making them more economical and better for the environment. Users also now have access to e-scooter and e-bike sharing in some cities, allowing for greater access.


All of this raises some questions: How do micromobility vehicles affect car accident risks? If you’re in a collision with someone on a rented bike, e-scooter, or other vehicle, what is the insurance process like?

Let’s explore some answers.

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Residents of Hollywood and other parts of South Florida sometimes live in Florida only part-time. Whether you’re a snowbird or have a second home out of state, your car may be sitting in a garage or storage unit while you’re out of town.


Keeping your car parked for weeks or months, though, can affect the safety of your vehicle. When parked or in storage for a while, cars can suffer from several issues:

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If you’ve been in a car crash in South Florida, you might already know you need to see a doctor. You may be experiencing pain or have suffered an obvious injury. Or, perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to walk away from the crash. In this case, it’s still a good idea to visit a medical professional to rule out soft tissue injury, head trauma, and other serious injury.


Your car, too, needs to be checked out. Even if the car seems to be handling fine after your collision, there may be damage. And the longer you wait to notice and report it, the more difficulty you may have proving to liable parties that the damage was caused by the accident. Driving around with a damaged vehicle can also put you at an increased risk for a second crash because your car may not be handling correctly.

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Last week, we started this short series by telling you three of six important things you must know if you’re in a traffic accident. This week, we tackle the remaining three things you need to know:


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Each year, lives in South Florida are permanently changed because of car accidents. While most people don’t realize it, driving is one of the most dangerous things you do and the longer you drive the greater your risk of being in a serious crash, even if you’re a good driver.


If you’re in a car accident, there are some things you need to know. These simple facts can mean the difference between you getting the fair compensation you need to pay for lost income, medical bills, and property damage and not getting the financial recovery you need.

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Pedestrian accidents resulted in 899 deaths in Florida in 2021 alone, and thousands of injuries. This makes Florida the second-deadliest state for pedestrians in the nation.


Fortunately, we can all help in reducing these numbers and making Florida safe for everyone. Drivers can help by:

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Public transportation has several benefits. It can reduce pollution, provide transportation options for more people, and create more walkable cities. In Florida, many towns were developed with cars in mind, but now experts are looking for ways to encourage more sustainable options, too.


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All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a popular option in Key Largo and surrounding areas, with many trails in the region for exploring and even rental services that allow you to rent an ATV for an afternoon or weekend. ATVs are popular because they allow you to explore wilderness and off-road areas, but these vehicles do come with some dangers.

Free Two People Riding Atv on Desert Stock Photo

ATVs are designed with a high center of gravity, which can make them to vulnerable to rollovers, especially on uneven ground. Injuries resulting from ATV crashes can result in serious injuries, and if you find yourself injured after this type of accident, you may wish to contact Flaxman Law Group at 866-352-9626 to schedule a free, no obligation case consultation to find out whether you may have a claim.

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