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Most car collisions in Miami are complex and frightening, especially if you have been seriously injured. These crashes can become more frightening and more complex if a criminal element is involved. There are several ways criminal activity could lead to a collision and serious injuries:


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The news over the past few years has been filled with stories from across the country of people who intentionally have driven into groups of people or who have intentionally hit others with their car. Most recently, such an event took place at a holiday parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin and tragically some victims of the attack are still losing their lives due to their injuries.

When we think of car crashes, we usually think of “accidents,” where someone was reckless but did not truly consider harming anyone. Collisions where someone drives into pedestrians on purpose are frightening and cause severe trauma.

crowd of people walking on the street

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday start the busiest retail season of the year. While this can mean positive forward momentum for the local economy and while most Hollywood residents love the excitement of Thanksgiving, the extra busyness can mean an increased risk of traffic accidents, especially in parking lots.

High-angle Photo of Vehicles Parked Near Building

As more customers flock to stores to shop, grocery store, shopping center, and other parking lots get fuller. This can mean an increased risk of collisions. While parking lot collisions tend to be low-speed, they can still lead to devastating injuries, including fractures, lacerations, head injuries, and other serious injuries.

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In Cutler Bay and across South Florida, fatigued drivers are a serious risk on the roads. The trucking industry has recognized the dangers of tired drivers and requires truck drivers to limit hours on the road and keep updated logs of hours rested. For passenger car drivers, there are no such restrictions. For both truck drivers and passenger car motorists, fatigue contributes to 91,000 serious collisions yearly.

person driving car during daytime

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Distracted driving has become a leading cause of car collisions in Coral Gables and across the country, and unfortunately the number of distractions in our lives is only increasing. When drivers are not focused on the road and on driving, even for a few seconds, they can easily cause a pedestrian accident, multiple car collision, or other tragedy.


There are plenty of distractions in our world today, from smart phones to endless to-do lists. We may be on call or get messages all day and we may even be wearing smart watches or other technology that beeps at us or demands our attention when we drive. Whenever our mind wanders behind the wheel or we remove our eyes from the road or our hands from the wheel—even for a second—a car collision can happen.

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In South Florida communities like Plantation, car sharing is relatively new and insurers are still working out liability issues and claims in situations involving this model. If you are injured in a collision involving a car sharing vehicle, it’s important to work with a Plantation car collision claims attorney because your case may be complicated.


Car sharing can be a good solution for drivers. There are a few types of car sharing. In one type of car sharing, a company purchases a fleet of cars and rents them on a short-term basis to customers who pay to use cars by the hour. If you’re in a collision with one of these cars, the insurance is not very different than being in a collision with a rental car. More complex than being in a crash with a regular driver—there are more parties involved, after all—but familiar.

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If you have been in a front-end crash in Parkland, or a T-Bone accident, rear-end shunt collision, or any traffic incident which has resulted in car damage or injuries, one of the first calls you will make is to your insurance company. Of course, you have been paying premiums on your insurance for years and expect your insurer to be there for you when you need them to be. Unfortunately, some patients in Parkland with brain injuries, back injuries, and other injuries find they face challenges in getting the money they need from their insurer.


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This past year has been unusual in many ways, and traffic collision statistics bear that out. While there were fewer people on the roads because of lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and less tourism, NSC (the National Safety Council) reports that 42,060 people across the country died in traffic collisions last year, an 8% increase over the year before and a 24% jump in terms of miles driven. That is the highest increase in traffic fatalities in the past one hundred years.

In the first six months of 2021, deaths were up 16% year over year and in that same period 2,445,000 Americans sustained serious injuries in collisions. August saw the greatest number of fatal collisions. Approximately $241.9 billion in property damage was attributed to traffic collisions across the country in the first half of 2021.


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If you’re in a side-swipe or rear-end collision in Miami, you may sustain what are known as short-term injuries. These are injuries which may last for a short period of time and you are expected to fully recover. Your insurance company may call your injuries short-term or mild injuries if you have sustained a fracture, contusions, soft tissue injuries.


The trouble with short-term injuries is that they can still be debilitating and can end up lasting longer than expected. A bone fracture, for example, may take longer to heal that expected or an open wound may get infected, delaying a patient’s return to work.

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