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Head trauma after a car accident in Homestead or your community can be devastating. A head injury can affect your ability to take care of yourself, go to work and just about every other element in your life. Serious head trauma can cause significant symptoms, such as memory loss, cognitive difficulties, dizziness, loss of consciousness and other serious disorders which can impact your day-to-day life.


Two Types of Head Injuries

If you have been in a car crash in Homestead or any community, it is important to rule out the possibility of a head injury immediately. Head injuries in a car accident are usually caused by two things: a penetrative injury or an internal injury. A penetrative injury is usually fairly easy to see. It occurs when an item, such as a piece of metal, pierces the skull.

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Car accidents in Hollywood and South Florida can lead to a number of injuries, including:

1) Head injuries

Head injuries are not only a common injury in car crashes, but they can also be one of the most deadly. Head injuries in road accidents can happen in several ways. The shaking and sharp movements of the vehicle during the crash can cause the brain to move violently inside the skull, leading to injuries, bruising, and bleeding of brain tissue. In some cases, passengers are thrown sharply against windows or the dashboard, and the bump can cause the brain to smash against the inside of the skull, causing severe injury. Sharp objects – such as metal rods or pieces of the vehicle – can also be thrown with enough force that they can penetrate the skull and cause direct trauma to the brain.


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If you have been in a car accident, you need to get a full medical evaluation. Unfortunately, some people choose not to seek the help of a doctor or an emergency room department following a car accident in Hollywood or South Florida because they mistakenly believe that they have not been injured.


This can be a life-threatening mistake.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of fatal motorcycle crashes doubled between 1999 and 2008. In 2008, the agency reported that fatal truck and car accidents had declined while the number of fatal motorcycle accidents continued to rise. Between 2001 and 2008, over 1.2 million motorcyclists were treated in emergency rooms for injuries.

Motorcycle accidents in Hollywood and other cities are a leading cause of many injuries, including spinal cord injuries, fractures, internal injuries, crushing injuries, whiplash, and soft tissue injuries. Brain injuries in Hollywood and Florida are also often caused by traffic accidents, including motorcycle accidents. Head injuries are often a leading cause of fatalities when it comes to motorcycle crashes.


Florida law does not require adult motorcycle riders with adequate insurance coverage to wear helmets. However, safety experts agree that wearing helmets is one of the best ways to prevent head injuries and serious life-threatening injury in the event of a traffic collision in Hollywood or your community.

According to the CDC, helmets have a significant impact on motorcycle accident injury. Between 2008 and 2010, 42 percent of riders involved in the more than 14,000 fatal motorcycle crashes that occurred in that time period were not wearing helmets. States that have helmet requirements, only about 12 percent of fatal motorcycle collisions involve riders riding without helmets. In states with no helmet laws, close to 80 percent of riders involved in motorcycle fatalities weren’t wearing helmets at the time of their crash.

Wearing a helmet is the first step, but experts agree that more can be done. You can help by:

•Choosing to wear a helmet each time you ride and by carrying a spare for passengers.
•Encouraging friends and family to wear helmets if they ride.
•Taking a motorcycle safety course to improve your ability to avoid motorcycle accidents in the first place.
•Choosing the right motorcycle helmet. Choose a helmet that is functional and appealing enough that you will wear it each time you ride. Avoid wearing used helmets, as these may be already damaged and may provide scant protection in an accident.
•Always wearing your motorcycle helmet correctly. This means choosing a properly-fitted helmet and wearing one for each ride, using the straps to keep it securely on your head. A helmet that slips or falls off in a crash will not protect you.

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Head-on car crashes in Homestead and other cities have a high rate of injury and fatalities. There are a number of reasons for this:

1) The front of the car is where passengers most often are. Passengers in the front of the vehicle are likely to sustain serious or fatal injuries if the force of impact is high enough. If a truck crashes into the front of a passenger car, for example, it can push right through the crumple zone provided by the hood of the car and can crush passengers sitting in the front.


2) The force of impact in these accidents tends to be considerable. In broadside collisions in Homestead and other cities, the impact can be minimized somewhat if two vehicles glance off each other. In a head-on crash, though, two cars tend to hit each other bumper to bumper, meaning that the force of impact is intense enough to cause serious injury. The impact can be even greater if one of the vehicles is a big rig or commercial truck or if speeding is a factor in the collision.

3) These types of accidents tend to happen in higher-risk areas. Head-on car and motorcycle accidents in Homestead and other communities tend to occur on highways when passing, where speed is often a factor. They also tend to happen when a driver falls asleep or otherwise loses control of their vehicle, which means the driver has little or no chance to lessen the impact of the crash or slow down before the collision. All these issues can mean that the force of impact can be greater and the collision may be riskier for passengers.

4) There are many dangers in the front of a car. The front of a vehicle usually has many safety devices, such as side impact airbags, front impact airbags, and seat belts. All of these can protect passengers in a crash, but the front seat also has a number of dangers. The dashboard, for example, is a very hard and unforgiving surface. If airbags fail to work correctly in a car or truck accident in Homestead or your community, serious or even fatal head injuries are a very real risk. In addition, the windshield can break upon impact, sending glass or even other objects inside the vehicle and towards passengers. In both regards, the front seats tend to shield any passengers in the back of the car, which is one reason why the backseat is considered the safest place for child passengers.

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For brain injury patients in Hollywood, fear and anxiety are common after an initial diagnosis. Whether you have sustained a traumatic brain injury in a workplace accident in Hollywood, through a sports injury, in a Hollywood traffic accident, or through some other way, it can be a devastating injury. You may need specialist care and treatment and you may find yourself struggling with challenging symptoms such as motor loss control issues, memory problems trouble with concentration, personality changes, and more.


It is normal to feel afraid and alone, but it is also important to remember that there are many places you can turn to for help, including:

1) The Brain Injury Association of Florida (BIAF) (http://www.biaf.org/). BIAF is a statewide nonprofit organization for traumatic brain injury patients and their caregivers. BIAF offers advocacy, support, education, and other help. They even have a toll-free number, 800-992-3442, if you need to speak to someone right away.

2) Support Groups.
Support groups help you meet others who have suffered a serious brain injury in your area as well as professionals who can help you. It is often very useful to speak to someone who has gone through a similar experience and who has advice to offer about practical matters. You can find a support group for brain injury patients in Florida at this website: http://www.byyourside.org/support/support-groups/. You can also set up your own support group by contacting BIAF.

3) The Florida Health Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program (http://www.floridahealth.gov/diseases-and-conditions/brain-and-spinal-cord-injuries/index.html). This government program can help you and your family find resources as well as case management services.

4) Your doctor. Your primary care physician can refer you to specialists and can provide you with follow-up care. They can also help you manage your care, especially if you need to work with multiple health professionals.

5) Your personal injury attorney. A lawyer can often help you find local resources that can help you. They can also help you pursue any avenues or options for compensation – which is important, since brain injury treatment and care can be very expensive and may not be covered by your insurance in all cases.

6) Your employer. If your brain injury took place at work, workers compensation and your employer may have options for you. However, before you accept a settlement or workers compensation benefits, be sure to speak with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your city; once you accept benefits or insurance money, you may not have the right to pursue compensation later on if your injuries end up costing more than you thought.

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Truck and car accidents in Homestead and other cities can easily lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In fact, traffic collisions are one of the leading causes of PTSD across the country. Some studies suggest that as many as 9% of traffic accident survivors suffer from PTSD and a larger number have some PTSD symptoms or reactions.

If you have been in a car or truck collision in Homestead or any community, it is important to not only consider your physical health but also your emotional health. PTSD is a serious disorder that can affect your ability to recover fully. It can lead to depression, problems in relationships, and can even increase your risk of substance abuse. In some cases, it can make it difficult to return to work or to everyday activities after your traffic accident.


After a serious traffic crash in Homestead or your community, you will want to keep a lookout for these symptoms:

•Anxiety, especially anxiety about driving
•A fear of driving that leads you to avoid certain activities (such as driving during certain times of the day)
•Sleep disruptions
•Personality changes
•Moodiness or irritability
•Flashbacks or nightmares of the accident
•Changes in eating habits
•Watchfulness when driving
•Increased heart rate and fear, especially when you see or hear something that reminds you of the accident
•Difficulty concentrating
Some of these symptoms are perfectly normal immediately after a collision, but if you notice that they don’t go away or they get worse, you may wish to speak to someone. You will also want to speak with someone if your reactions after the accident prevent you from living your life normally.

In many cases, your risk for PTSD is higher if you have suffered from trauma in the past or if you have sustained a severe injury in the accident. You may be able to get help by seeking out a therapist or by speaking with your doctor and asking for a recommendation to a therapist. There are many treatment options available for PTSD that can help you cope with the aftermath of an accident, and the sooner you get treatment the better your chances of recovery.

Unfortunately, the costs of therapy and other treatment options can be considerable. You may want to speak with a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community immediately after your accident. If you qualify for compensation for your injuries under Florida law, an attorney can help you seek out the compensation you need so that you can afford quality medical care. In many cases, attorneys are also familiar with local resources and can help you find treatment options that you can explore.

Many people think that they should be able to “snap out of it” or “get better” after a traffic collision, but things simply do not always work that way. In some cases, it can be difficult to shake off the trauma of a serious accident and seeking help is important in these situations. While PTSD may not leave scars or physical trauma the way that a fracture or spinal cord injury can, it is still very debilitating and dangerous. Getting treatment can ensure that you start to heal from the accident and return to a full and happy life.

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According to Consumer Reports, not all car manufacturer technology is equal when it comes to avoiding car accidents in Hollywood and across the state. While car makers promise better crumple zones, better braking systems, more intelligent air bag systems, and many other technologies designed to help prevent car crashes – or at least to help you prevent head trauma, soft tissue damage, or spinal cord injuries in Hollywood if you are in a Florida accident – according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and Consumer Reports, autonomous braking combined with forward-collision avoidance systems are the best technologies when it comes to reducing injuries and insurance claims.

A combined system of forward-collision avoidance and autonomous braking can slow or stop down a car facing a rear impact collision. According to the IIHS, cars such as the Volvo S60 and XC60 have this technology. For Volvo, it’s called the City Safety feature and it uses infrared technology to determine whether you are getting too close to another car too quickly. If you are, the car automatically applies the brakes to prevent or minimize the crash.

According to the IIHS, when comparing Volvo car crash car insurance claims between 2011 and 2012, cars with the City Safety Feature were less likely to be in a car collision than cars without the technology. In fact, cars with the technology had about 16% fewer property damage claims and 18-33% fewer personal injury claims when compared with Volvos that did not have City Safety.

While crash avoidance systems were once only used in luxury cars, they are now becoming more available in standard cars. Among 2013 cars, about 12% of models have autonomous braking systems and 29% have forward-collision warning systems as options. Forward-collision avoidance technology is standard for some models, such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, the Honda Crosstour AWD, the Hyundai Equus, and others.

Can these technologies help you avoid a car or truck accident in Hollywood or your community? It is possible. If you are looking for a new car, it can be useful to compare safety features. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website at safercar.gov has useful information about specific models and safety features.

However, personal injury attorneys in Hollywood and other safety experts note that having technology does not necessarily reduce your risk of an accident. Even if you have crash avoidance braking systems, you may not be able to avoid a traffic collision or pedestrian accident in Hollywood or your community.

Even the best technology is not worth much when drivers drive distracted, tired, or inebriated. Most safety experts agree that buckling up, honing driving skills, and driving defensively are still the best ways to avoid car crashes and their injuries. Keep in mind, too, that technologies such as forward-collision warning systems usually only work to prevent a few types of injuries and accidents. A forward-collision avoidance system, for example, will not help you avoid a side impact collision, pedestrian accident, or rear-end car accident in Hollywood or your community.

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Side impact car accidents in Hialeah and other communities are among the most common traffic collisions. These accidents often occur when drivers change lanes without checking for oncoming traffic or when cars turn without checking for oncoming traffic.

Side impact accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries because passengers are less protected on their sides. The front of the dash usually has airbags to protect the passenger but the sides of the car have glass and a thin layer of metal as protection. In a side impact collision in Hialeah or another community, the glass can easily go flying and passengers may be crushed by the other car. Each year patients are rushed to ERs in Hialeah with spinal cord injuries, head injuries, cuts, and other serious injuries resulting from these types of collisions.

Car manufacturers have made a number of improvements to cars in order to minimize injuries in side impact crashes. Some cars have safety cage designs, which means that they have stiffer side and roof designs that increase the crumple zone and distribute impact of a crash so that occupants are injured less.

Another innovation in the past ten years has been the side impact airbag. By 2012, over 95% of passenger cars sold included a side impact air bag. Just like an airbag in the dash or steering wheel, this airbag inflates rapidly at impact, cushioning the occupant from the crash. While it does not increase the crumple zone, the side impact air bag prevents the passenger from hitting his or her head against the glass and metal of the door, which can help prevent head injuries. Curtain airbags provide even more protection and protect the occupant all the way to the hip while also preventing the passenger from being thrown from the car in the event of a collision.

Since side impact car accidents are so common, it makes sense to buy a car with the best side impact crash protection. If you are shopping for a new vehicle, consider a car with curtain side impact air bags as well as safety cage design. You may also wish to review the latest independent side impact crash tests from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The IIHS tests car makes and models independently for side impact safety.

In addition to buying a safe car, keep in mind that best practices can also help minimize injury if you are in a traffic accident in Hialeah or your community. Any type of car accident is more dangerous for a child than an adult, and that includes the side impact crash. Young children are more likely to be seriously injured in a crash and airbags can actually do more harm than good. If you are traveling with an infant or a young child, place them in the rear seat, in a child-appropriate and age-appropriate safety restraint. Adult passengers who are in the front of the car should wear a seat belt at all times. In combination with an air bag, these provide the best protection in the event of a crash.

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What happens when a motorcycle is in a car crash in Miami? In many cases, the motorcycle rider is thrown from the motorcycle. In many cases, riders are rushed to emergency rooms in Miami as spinal cord injury patients or brain injury patients. Some do not survive.

In Florida, riders under the age of 21 are not obligated to wear a helmet. Many states have similar laws. In the past year, Michigan has changed its laws to similar legislation after having mandated helmet use for all riders for more than four decades. The results of the law change have been eye-opening. In the year since the law has changed, the amount of medical claims per motorcycle accident has risen 34%.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has told the media in interviews that the increase in medical claim amounts is attributed to the fact that riding without a helmet increases the risk of a head injury. Research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety had found that the severity of injuries increases after mandatory helmet laws are reduced or withdrawn. Other research has suggested that these types of legislative changes increase fatality rates.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation and other motorcycle organizations note that these studies do not address the real risks of motorcycle accidents – risks they say are caused by car and truck accidents in Miami and other cities that are caused by motorists. These groups note that the laws still allow motorcycle riders to wear helmets. According to some motorcycle safety advocacy groups, the reported increase in sever motorcycle crash injuries on undertrained and unlicensed riders. Some experts allege that more riders are riding without a special motorcycle license or not taking the required safety courses, putting them at greater risk of traffic accidents in Miami and other communities.

Laws like the one in Michigan do seem to change rider’s attitudes about helmets. In the four years before the new law went into effect, according to the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, 98% of motorcyclists involved in crashes were wearing helmets, compared with 74% in the days following the law change. According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in states where helmets are required, 97% of riders wear them, while in states with fewer helmet laws have 58% of motorcyclists wearing the head protection.

Across the country, motorcycle fatalities have increased over the past 15 years. In 2012, there were 5000 fatalities associated with this type of traffic accident, according to reports from the Governors Highway Safety Association. That year, motorcycle fatalities accounted for over 14% of all traffic deaths.

Safety experts agree: if you want to prevent a serious head injury in Miami or your community, wear a helmet whenever getting on a motorcycle or bicycle. If you are in a motorcycle or bicycle accident in Miami or your community and that accident involves a car, the force and size of a car can cause fatal head injuries. A helmet can help prevent many of those injuries; it is currently the best protection riders have.

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