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At this time of year, parents and families are getting ready for back to school, and that means school buses. While school buses are generally safe, they are involved in traffic collisions which can cause devastating injuries.


In Hollywood and other communities, pedestrian accidents are actually more likely with school buses. The greatest moments of danger for children are when they are disembarking or boarding the bus. There are a few ways you can help keep your kids safe:

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You may think your children are too young to talk to about car safety before the age of 16 or so, but it is one of the most important conversations you will have with your kids, regardless of their age. The reality is that long before your children have their learner’s permit, they will be driven around by other people, including family, friends, babysitters, and more. They are still at risk of auto accidents, long before they can drive. In fact, car accidents in Hollywood and other South Florida communities are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities involving children.

Of course, the adults in your child’s life have a responsibility to keep your child safe. However, it’s never too early to start teaching your children a healthy respect for cars and teaching them the good habits they will need for the rest of their life. From an early age, you will want to talk to them about several topics:

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A study from the Governors Highway Safety Association has found that fatalities for pedestrian accidents in 2018 increased. In fact, 2018 will be the most deadly year for pedestrian injuries since the 1990s.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, an estimated 6227 US pedestrian suffered fatal injuries in 2018. Researchers suggest more SUVs on the roads, more risky driving behaviors, and more pedestrians walking more often.


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Parking lot accidents in Homestead and across Florida do cause serious injury, even though they usually do not involve high speeds. Even slowed down to slip into a parking spot, multiple directions of traffic, close quarters, and a combination of pedestrian, car, and truck traffic can all spell danger for drivers.


Parking lot accidents lead to many types of injuries, including crushing injuries, head trauma, back injury, soft tissue injury, whiplash, and other injuries. You especially want to be careful in these zones of the parking lot:

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New studies about electric scooters show what many parents in Homestead and other communities already know: e-scooters are responsible for serious injuries. While popular, electric scooters caused thousands of injuries last year and there is growing concern about the life-threatening injuries possible with this mode of transportation.


Unfortunately, many injuries with these devices affect children under the age of 18. Common injuries include head trauma, fractures, facial abrasions, and other serious injuries. You can reduce your risk of collisions if you:

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Nursing homes and other care environments for seniors are expected to keep seniors safe. Part of that means preventing seniors from wandering away and causing injury to themselves.


Seniors with certain conditions such as dementia are especially vulnerable to wandering away. They may become confused and may wander off nursing home grounds. They may not have the ability to cross a street safely and may wander into higher-traffic areas. Elderly nursing home residents need to be carefully supervised and steps need to be taken to prevent pedestrian accidents.

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Halloween night is a riskier time when it comes to pedestrian accidents in Hollywood and surrounding communities. There are more children on the roads and more pedestrians in the evening, when visibility is naturally lower. While kids are supposed to stay on the sidewalk and obey all traffic rules while trick-or-treating, the reality is that small children get excited and may run out in front of cars. While adults or older kids are supposed to be supervising younger kids, this doesn’t always happen.


It is important for drivers of all ages to pay extra attention on October 31 to ensure unnecessary accidents don’t happen. There are a few ways you can ensure your Halloween traffic experience is safe:

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Many nursing home residents who are still in good physical shape are allowed to leave the premises of their nursing home in order to take care basic activities such as shopping. Some nursing homes allow patients to walk in specific areas in order to enjoy some freedoms.


Unfortunately, when due care is not taken, pedestrian accidents can occur. These can be devastating for nursing home residents and their families. An elderly person is more likely to suffer severe or life-threatening injuries in a car accident, simply because they may have pre-existing conditions and may be more fragile due to osteoporosis or other age-related conditions.

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Everyone has a responsibility to prevent pedestrian accidents in Hollywood and South Florida. Obviously, motorists have a big responsibility to prevent pedestrian crashes. However, pedestrians, too, can take steps to stay safer.


Perhaps you like to walk around your Hollywood neighborhood for exercise. Or, maybe you simply walk in the beautiful South Florida sunshine to run errands. No matter what your reason for heading out on foot, make sure you do so safely:

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According to statistics, pedestrians in wheelchairs  were 36% more likely to be in fatal pedestrian accidents when compared with other groups, with men in wheelchairs having especially high rates of serious injury and fatalities.


Researchers who came up with the data did not offer reasons as to why wheelchair pedestrians may be at risk in this way, but there are a few possibilities:

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