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Why Hire an Attorney After a Homestead Car Accident?

If you have been injured in a roadway accident in Homestead or anywhere in South Florida, you may wonder whether you even need a personal injury attorney. There are books and articles that suggest that you can file your own legal claim or insurance claim following a car accident.


While you are not legally required to hire a personal injury attorney, however, there are several good reasons why you will want to consider consulting with a lawyer:

1) A lawyer can even offer you legal advice.

Should you accept insurance money? Or should you negotiate with an insurance offer or even file a legal claim? In many cases, you may not understand what your rights are or you may have a difficult time evaluating the relative strength of your case after a car crash. An experienced personal injury attorney has usually handled thousands of car accident personal injury cases and may be able to offer you good suggestions about which options may make most sense in your specific situation.

2) An attorney can help you understand how much your claim may be worth.

One of the problems many people face after a car accident is determining how much their injuries will cost. You may be able to get an estimate for your car repairs very quickly and you may be able to find out from the hospital how much you need to pay for your initial hospital visit. But what about long-term costs?

How much will you pay for subsequent medical visits? What if you were incorrectly diagnosed during an initial consultation and your future medical expenses will be much higher than you expected? How much money will you lose if you cannot return to work right away? A skilled attorney understands how much typical injuries cost and can evaluate all of the incidental and extra expenses that you may face over the long term. With this number in mind, you are in a better position to evaluate insurance and settlement offers.

3) A lawyer knows the insurance process and the insurance laws that could affect your case.

Insurance companies rely on laws and teams of attorneys to protect themselves. They often offer insurance amounts that are often less than the total amount they could offer in a specific case. Personal injury attorneys work with insurance companies on many personal injury cases and understand how these laws can affect your specific claim. They can use this knowledge to argue for the best possible compensation available in your case.

4) Studies suggest that plaintiffs working with attorneys get fairer compensation for their injuries.

Studies have shown that plaintiffs who work with personal injury attorneys get more compensation than those who try to file a claim themselves. The Insurance Research Council, for example, reports that people injured in a car accident recovered an average of 3 1/2 times more money by working with a lawyer. If you’re looking for fair compensation that covers more of your costs, working with a Homestead personal injury attorney may be a good option.

If you have been injured, you deserve a substantial award — not a meager settlement or paltry insurance benefits. If you’re ready to fight for fair compensation so that you can pay your medical bills and replace lost income after an accident, contact Flaxman Law Group. Our team of attorneys represents plaintiffs just like you who have been injured through no fault of their own and want assistance with the insurance claims process. Contact us for a free legal analysis to find a whether you have a claim and to find out more about how much your potential claim may be worth.