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Road rage incidents in Hollywood in Florida can lead to serious accidents. Often caused by drivers who lose their temper and drive aggressively, these incidents can escalate quickly and can even result in fatalities.


Drivers in the grip of road rage are distracted and may make aggressive and unadvisable driving choices. They may speed, ignore traffic rules, and in some cases even use their car as a weapon. Almost every driver can lose their temper at some point, but there are a few ways to prevent upset from turning into a dangerous event:

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If you are a business leader or entrepreneur with employees, you may be relying on employees to run errands, take a company car to pick up clients, or otherwise may be expecting your employees to drive as part of their work. If this is the case or if you have company cars, your liability may be considerably greater. Each time your employees are in an accident, your insurance costs and overhead costs may rise. Not properly training and not taking steps to reduce distracted driving at work can also mean some of your valued team members get injured.


Distracted driving in Hollywood and Florida is a special concern at work because drivers aren’t just trying to get to their destination. They’re also often multitasking or thinking of work as a drive. This can create a situation where they can get into a distracted driving accident. Fortunately, there are things you can do as a business leader to prevent distracted driving accidents among employees:

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Traffic accidents are caused by a variety of reasons, including road conditions, weather conditions, driver error, drunk driving, and other issues. Distracted driving has been getting a great deal of attention lately as a key reason why many roadway accidents happen. However, when discussions of distracted driving in Hollywood and across South Florida occur, we tend to focus on distracted driving caused by mobile devices and texting.


In fact, distracted driving is about a lot more than just technology. Even if you never text or speak on your cell phone while driving, you may still be driving distracted. One of the most common causes of distracted driving is in fact very innocuous: daydreaming.

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Distracted driving is a major concern in Hollywood and across the country, causing numerous car crashes each year. Who is to blame for distracted drivers? Some people argue it is the manufacturers of mobile devices and cars who should be held liable for distracted driving.

Recently, a man in California sued a major manufacturer of cell phones, alleging he was in a car accident caused by a driver distracted by one of the company’s phones. The man alleges the cell phone manufacturer has the patents and ability to add lockout technology to its devices to prevent car accidents caused by distracted drivers. His lawsuit wants to see the manufacturer to stop sales of all devices until the lockout technology is mandatory for all phones.

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Multitasking, or trying to accomplish several tasks at once, has been linked with increased inefficiency as well as distracted driving. Distracted driving in Homestead and across the state is a serious problem. When drivers take their eyes off the road, their hands off the wheel, or their mind from the task of driving, accidents can and do result. Multitasking can also increase the risk of workplace injury and other types of injuries, since studies show we are not as adept at juggling multiple thoughts or tasks as we think.


Most experts agree monotasking is important, especially with higher-risk activities such as driving. Monotasking means focusing on one activity at a time rather than many things. Monotasking means staying mindful and in the moment rather than daydreaming or thinking about the next activity. Studies have suggested this approach can make you more productive and safer—both at work and while driving. There are many ways you can ensure you monotask to reduce the risk of a car accident:

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During this time of year, distracted driving is an especially common problem. More people have multiple things to do and most of us are thinking about holiday lists, events, and shopping. With more to do more to accomplish before the end of the year, it’s easy to get distracted.


Unfortunately, distracted driving in Hollywood and across southern Florida is a serious problem. Even a few seconds of inattention can lead to a pedestrian accident, intersection accident, or even multiple vehicle collision in Hollywood or your community. To avoid distracted driving this year, you’ll want to:

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Distracted driving in southern Florida is undeniably a problem. We’ve all seen drivers texting behind the wheel, applying makeup, eating lunch, or otherwise multitasking rather than focusing solely on the road. This is despite the fact that the dangers of distracted driving are well known.

Drivers who are distracted have slower response times and maybe taking their eyes off the road for extended periods of time, putting them – and other users of the road – at an increased risk for collisions. Many devastating accidents have been caused by drivers who were focused on another task while driving.


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Every year, tens of thousands of Americans lose their lives in roadway accidents and tens of thousands of Hollywood and Florida drivers are injured in the state. While you might not be able to do much about the driving habits of those around you, there are things you can do to make 2016 the safest year ever for you as a driver.


Building new habits and setting new intentions for your driving can make you a stronger driver and can reduce your risk of an accident. Here are ten habits that can make you more confident and safer on the road:

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Being in a car accident in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida is terrifying enough, but what happens when the driver of the other vehicle is not from South Florida? Dealing with a driver from another state or even another country can add to the complication of a crash and can even make it difficult for you to seek compensation in some cases.


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April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. This is a good time of the year to take the steps needed to make sure that you are not at risk of causing a car accident in Homestead or your community because.

What can you do this month to make driving safer for you and your family?


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