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Single-car accidents happen in Homestead and other Florida communities. These types of car crashes involve any situation where no other vehicle or pedestrian is involved. If you crash into a barrier, go into a ditch, or crash into any property without hitting anyone else, that is considered a single-vehicle accident.


In these collisions, there may not be another vehicle driving at full speed, but the impact can still be enough to cause serious or life-threatening injuries, especially if your own vehicle was going fast. If you crash into a solid barrier at a high speed or even go into a ditch, you could suffer from significant impact or a rollover.

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Head-on collisions in Hollywood, Homestead, and other Florida communities occur when a car or truck veers away from their own lane and heads towards oncoming traffic, crashing with a car headed in the opposite direction. These accidents can also sometimes be wrong-way collisions.


Head-on accidents are among the most dangerous, due in part to the force exerted. Two vehicles headed towards each other at top speed can cause catastrophic damage. Often, these traffic collisions occur because someone is tired, distracted, or driving under the influence and they turn the wrong way or drift into an oncoming lane. Poor street signage can also lead to these collisions. In some cases, these collisions can also result from bad passing techniques. If a driver is trying to pass on a two-lane road and fails to check oncoming traffic, they may crash into a car heading in the opposite direction.

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Wrong way car collisions in Hollywood and other Florida communities are often serious crashes.  These collisions tend to cause head-on crashes and significant injuries as well as fatalities. In many cases, drinking and driving is involved. Often occurring after who in the morning and in the early morning hours, these traffic accidents are generally fully preventable.



Wrong way collisions can occur as a result of different situations:

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Wrong way accidents in Hollywood and South Florida are terrifying. One minute, you may be happily driving your car down the highway or road and the next instant you may be facing a car speeding towards you in your lane. You may not have enough time to react, and the resulting head-on collision in Hollywood or your community can be serious enough to claim lives.

The interesting thing about wrong way accidents is that they really shouldn’t happen at all. All drivers are carefully instructed to stay in their lanes when driving and road signs clearly indicate the direction of traffic to prevent wrong way accidents. On highways, medians, large signs, and other design features are often in place to help prevent wrong way crash.

Do not enter sign

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Wrong-way car accidents in Homestead and other Florida communities result in serious injuries and fatalities each year, and are highly preventable collisions. Florida ranks third in the nation when it comes to wrong-way accident deaths. These types of crashes are often caused by drunk driving or distracted driving, but authorities have noted that in many cases it is difficult to catch a driver headed the wrong way until a collision occurs.

Types of Wrong Way Crashes

Wrong way car accidents can cause serious and fatal injuries. Often, a drunk driver will be heading the wrong way at high speeds, so the force of the collision is significant enough to cause serious damage. In addition, these collisions tend to happen on ramps, where cars are still traveling at higher speeds because they are entering or leaving highways.


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Wrong way accidents in Homestead, Tampa, and other Florida cities are a major cause of concern. In the past year, for example, in the Tampa area eleven people were killed in wrong way collisions on just a few sections of the same highway. According to local authorities, wrong way accidents are a common problem in the area as well as in other communities.

Not This Way

According to experts, there are several issues that could contribute to wrong way accidents:

1) Poor road design. Road design that allows cars easily cross barriers or drive the wrong way on streets can contribute to wrong way accidents. In addition, unclear road markings can also mean that drivers end up driving on the wrong side of the road.

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