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If you’ve been in a car collision in South Florida, you may have questions about what caused your crash. In Florida, you have the right to pursue a lawsuit if someone’s recklessness caused your injuries, so finding out whether a driver was negligent can be important to helping you recover fair compensation for your injuries.


One of your first instincts after an accident may be to call police. While police may come to the scene of some accidents and create a police report, law enforcement resources are limited. Most police will not do a thorough investigation of most crashes.

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Many cities across the country are seeing a rise in the use of smaller, lighter personal vehicles such as e-scooters, bicycles, e-bikes, and motorcycles. Part of this trend may be because these vehicles use less gasoline (or no gasoline), making them more economical and better for the environment. Users also now have access to e-scooter and e-bike sharing in some cities, allowing for greater access.


All of this raises some questions: How do micromobility vehicles affect car accident risks? If you’re in a collision with someone on a rented bike, e-scooter, or other vehicle, what is the insurance process like?

Let’s explore some answers.

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Last week, we started this short series by telling you three of six important things you must know if you’re in a traffic accident. This week, we tackle the remaining three things you need to know:


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Each year, lives in South Florida are permanently changed because of car accidents. While most people don’t realize it, driving is one of the most dangerous things you do and the longer you drive the greater your risk of being in a serious crash, even if you’re a good driver.


If you’re in a car accident, there are some things you need to know. These simple facts can mean the difference between you getting the fair compensation you need to pay for lost income, medical bills, and property damage and not getting the financial recovery you need.

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Miami Beach is an excellent spot for car shows, and each year the community hosts special events to celebrate classic and vintage cars, fast sports cars, and the latest in new motor vehicles. Car shows can be a great place to add to your collection, see the new tech available in the industry, admire cars which are works of art, or see some cars in action.


The organizers of these events have a duty of care to attendees. They are expected to take steps to make their shows safe. Since these events include powerful machinery and sometimes high speeds, car show organizers know they have an especial obligation to think carefully about safety. When they fail to do so and an injury occurs, they may be held.

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If you’re ever in a car collision in Fort Lauderdale, knowing you have a good insurance policy can bring you peace of mind. Generally, you expect your insurer to deal with you fairly and to give you the compensation you need to pay for car repairs, medical bills, and other covered expenses.


Unfortunately, after a car crash this does not always happen, and it can be frustrating to be dealing with the aftermath of a collision and an insurance provider who doesn’t provide you with what you consider fair service.

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Miami car shows are a popular form of entertainment, allowing owners of muscle cars, hot rods, historic cars, and other collectibles to compete, come together, and take part in fun events. Miami International Auto Show, Cruisin’ South Florida, Cars & Coffee events, Dream Car Classic events, and other shows draw tens of thousands of people.


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In South Florida communities like Plantation, car sharing is relatively new and insurers are still working out liability issues and claims in situations involving this model. If you are injured in a collision involving a car sharing vehicle, it’s important to work with a Plantation car collision claims attorney because your case may be complicated.


Car sharing can be a good solution for drivers. There are a few types of car sharing. In one type of car sharing, a company purchases a fleet of cars and rents them on a short-term basis to customers who pay to use cars by the hour. If you’re in a collision with one of these cars, the insurance is not very different than being in a collision with a rental car. More complex than being in a crash with a regular driver—there are more parties involved, after all—but familiar.

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If you have been in a front-end crash in Parkland, or a T-Bone accident, rear-end shunt collision, or any traffic incident which has resulted in car damage or injuries, one of the first calls you will make is to your insurance company. Of course, you have been paying premiums on your insurance for years and expect your insurer to be there for you when you need them to be. Unfortunately, some patients in Parkland with brain injuries, back injuries, and other injuries find they face challenges in getting the money they need from their insurer.


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September is Pain Awareness Month, and the International Association on the Study of Pain (IASP) is working to further research and social awareness of this sometimes-debilitating condition. For many people in Homestead and across Florida, chronic pain begins after a serious event such as a car crash.


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