Can I Recover for Cosmetic Injuries in a Hollywood Car Crash?

Sometimes, when you’re in a Hollywood car collision and contact your insurance company, an insurer or others may describe some or all of your injuries as “minor” or “cosmetic.” If this happens to you, we recommend that you call the family-based legal team at Flaxman Law Group. You can reach us at 866-352-9626 to schedule a free consultation with a Hollywood car accident lawyer. We can explore whether your injuries may be more serious than you think and look at how much your injuries could really cost.


What are Cosmetic Injuries?

Cosmetic injuries are ones that affect your appearance and can cause disfigurement. In a Hollywood car crash, common cosmetic injuries include:

  • Skin abrasions. These can include road burn, cuts, bruises, and other injuries.
  • Scarring. Scarring includes permanent injury to the skin. This can happen when abrasions fail to heal well or when injuries are serious and cut through multiple layers of skin.
  • Burns. Burns can happen if a car overheats or catches fire. This injury can cause severe scarring and even injury to the muscles and tendons under the skin.
  • Dental injuries. In a car accident, a passenger or driver’s teeth can get cracked, chipped, or knocked out. Injury can also happen to the jaw, affecting the appearance of the face and even the ability to chew and speak.
  • Disfigurement. This refers to any permanent injury in the appearance of a person.
  • Facial injuries. Facial injuries can be some of the most devastating injuries to sustain in a car crash because they are so visible. People can stare and make unkind comments about facial injuries such as broken eye sockets or a broken nose.

Understanding Cosmetic Injuries After a Car Accident in Hollywood

Cosmetic injuries are still often devastating injuries and it’s still important to seek treatment. One unfortunate thing that can happen after a Hollywood car accident is that insurance companies will sometimes dismiss injuries as “just cosmetic” in an effort to pay less. This is unfair and it may be something you can fight through negotiation or the courts.

For example, insurance companies often dismiss facial burns after a car accident as “only cosmetic,” but this is often unfair to the patient. Facial burns can cause someone to become self-conscious and can affect career and relationship prospects, too. Treatment for these injuries can involve expensive skin grafts, skin resurfacing, and pain management. These may be medically necessary to improve the look of the skin, reduce pain, and improve mental health for the patient.

At Flaxman Law Group, we believe car accident survivors should be able to seek financial recovery for the treatment they need to rebuild after a collision. If you’ve suffered an injury in a car accident that you think may be dismissed by insurers as cosmetic or if you’re worried about getting fair compensation for your injuries, reach out to Flaxman Law Group at 866-352-9626. Our law firm works with injured individuals in Hollywood, Homestead, Miami, and all surrounding areas. In a free consultation, let’s discuss whether you might have a claim.

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