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Cars are designed for adults of all sizes to drive, but there’s no denying that very tall and short drivers alike face challenges when it comes to driving. Tall drivers may feel cramped in a car or may have a hard time having enough clearance to drive properly. For shorter drivers, the danger may come down to visibility and being able to see correctly in a low seat. In addition, air bags and even seat belts can pose a danger for shorter drivers in the event of a traffic collision in Hollywood or their communities. In some cases, these safety devices can even cause serious injury.


If you are below average height, you will want to use these tips to drive safe:

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If you have been in a car collision in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, you will want to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney who has experience with local car accident cases. Whether you were t-boned or in a hit-and-run crash, Hollywood car accident claims can be complex and an attorney can help you during every stage of the process.


You may mistakenly think you don’t need an attorney because your accident was minor or because you have good insurance. Even if this is the case, you may wish to get a free consultation to discuss your case with an attorney. Many car owners are surprised to see how much even a small accident can cost in car repairs, lost time at work, car rentals, and other costs. In addition, many do not get the full insurance benefits they may be entitled to without legal help.

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Driving is one of the riskiest things you do every day. Insurance companies estimate that the average driver files a car accident claim every 17.9 years, meaning that the average driver who gets behind the wheel of a car at age 16 can expect to have three to four accidents over a lifetime that are serious enough to merit a claim.


The good news is that there are things you can do to lower your risk of accidents. They include:

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Snow and winter conditions have already hit Northern Florida and the icy weather is now headed to Southern Florida. It may even impact Miami, Hollywood, Homestead, West Palm Beach, and other areas. While snow in Florida is exciting and while the sort of blizzard conditions which affect the north are unlikely to travel this far south, keep in mind that winter conditions of any kind can be dangerous. For Florida drivers, especially, even small amounts of ice and snow can be deadly, simply because many of us are not used to driving in wintry conditions.


Use these tips to stay safe in the snow:

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If you have been in a truck or car accident in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, one of the things that will happen first is that you may be rushed to the hospital if you have been injured. In an ambulance, at the accident scene and in the emergency room, things can happen very quickly and medical mistakes as well as negligence can occur, which can cause severe injury.


There are many reasons why misdiagnosis can happen after a traffic accident:

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Bicycle accidents in Hollywood and across Florida are all too common. In fact, in past years, Southern Florida has been ranked as among the most dangerous places in the country for bikers.

Bicycle accidents have a high rate of injury, because bikers have so few layers of protection. A collision between a bike and a car are likely to lead to head injuries, internal injuries, whiplash and even fatalities. In almost all cases, it is the bicyclist who suffers the most serious injuries. Sadly, many bicycle accidents involve children.

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Bicycling is great exercise. It can get your pulse racing and can give you a whole-body workout  while strengthening your core and offering cardio exercise. In a world where many of us spend too much time being sedentary and obesity is a serious health concern, bicycling is a great way to stay active and even enjoy the great outdoors.


Despite all its benefits, however, bicycling accidents in Hollywood are still a concern for anyone who chooses to exercise this way. While the state and local municipalities have taken steps to reduce the number of bicycle accidents, far too many bikers are injured or even killed on our roads. To keep yourself safer while you exercise, be sure to follow these tips:

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Rear-end collisions in Hollywood and other communities occur when a truck or car crashes into the car or truck in front of it. Rear-end accidents occur frequently and are in fact one of the most common incidents to occur at intersections.


Rear-end car accidents can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. They can cause soft tissue injuries such as whiplash as well as brain injuries, fractures, abrasions, lacerations and even fatalities. These types of collisions are often preventable and tend to be caused by distraction, sudden stops, tailgating, inattention and tire issues.

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Catastrophic car accidents in Homestead unfortunately occur all too often. These accidents are called catastrophic because of the significant amounts of injury and devastation they can cause. You may have been in a catastrophic car accident if you have sustained a serious injury which will take months to heal or if you have sustained a permanent injury. In some cases, catastrophic car collisions also lead to fatalities.


It is important to keep in mind that the rules for catastrophic car crashes are different than those for fender benders and front-end accidents that don’t result in serious injury. Unfortunately, catastrophic car crashes are more likely to affect your health and your financial situation for a long time to come. It becomes even more important to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney in Homestead to ensure your interests are protected.

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At this time of year, many couples are planning romantic dinners or special events with a loved one. While Valentine’s Day is not traditionally associated with considerably higher rates of DUI accidents in Hollywood and across South Florida, the reality is that red wine and other drinks are often involved with Valentine’s Day dinners and you still need a get-home-safe plan if you plan on having a romantic night out.


Here are some strategies for getting home safely if you’re planning a special dinner out:

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Mr. Flaxman is highly skilled and very pleasant to work with. He communicated with me at every step in the process, and clearly presented information relating to my case. To anyone considering retaining his firm, I highly recommend him. Clara Barman
THE BEST. Honest, very knowledgeable, fast and easy. has helped me in numerous situations and has never failed me. Joe Gee
Charlie is a very skilled attorney that advocates hard for his clients. But the best part is he is an all around great guy. He cares about helping and doing what is right for people and his community. And he is not afraid to fight against those who do wrong or against threats to our world. He is fluent in Spanish as well. Do yourself a favor and call him. Andy
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I found Mr. Flaxman to be an excellent attorney for my personal injury case. This is actually the second time I have used him and he really represented my interests. He explained everything thoroughly and he was very available for my questions. Carol