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Catastrophic car accidents in Homestead unfortunately occur all too often. These accidents are called catastrophic because of the significant amounts of injury and devastation they can cause. You may have been in a catastrophic car accident if you have sustained a serious injury which will take months to heal or if you have sustained a permanent injury. In some cases, catastrophic car collisions also lead to fatalities.


It is important to keep in mind that the rules for catastrophic car crashes are different than those for fender benders and front-end accidents that don’t result in serious injury. Unfortunately, catastrophic car crashes are more likely to affect your health and your financial situation for a long time to come. It becomes even more important to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney in Homestead to ensure your interests are protected.

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At this time of year, many couples are planning romantic dinners or special events with a loved one. While Valentine’s Day is not traditionally associated with considerably higher rates of DUI accidents in Hollywood and across South Florida, the reality is that red wine and other drinks are often involved with Valentine’s Day dinners and you still need a get-home-safe plan if you plan on having a romantic night out.


Here are some strategies for getting home safely if you’re planning a special dinner out:

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Distracted driving is a major concern in Hollywood and across the country, causing numerous car crashes each year. Who is to blame for distracted drivers? Some people argue it is the manufacturers of mobile devices and cars who should be held liable for distracted driving.

Recently, a man in California sued a major manufacturer of cell phones, alleging he was in a car accident caused by a driver distracted by one of the company’s phones. The man alleges the cell phone manufacturer has the patents and ability to add lockout technology to its devices to prevent car accidents caused by distracted drivers. His lawsuit wants to see the manufacturer to stop sales of all devices until the lockout technology is mandatory for all phones.

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Fatigued driving in Miami Beach and other South Florida communities is all too often the cause of serious accidents and collisions. Fatigued drivers can lose control of their vehicles and may even drift off behind the wheel. They can make poor judgements and have such poor motor control that their driving ability may be on par with that of drivers under the influence.


Unfortunately, many of us have busy lives and end up tired at least part of the time. So how can we avoid car crashes? Luckily, there are ways to ensure you stay alert on the road:

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It’s always a good idea to know the basics of preventing traffic accidents in Tamarac and other South Florida cities. While we all want to drive safely and prevent car accidents, we don’t need to know little-known hacks to do so. Often, it’s a good grasp of the basics of the road and the application of those rules that makes the biggest impact.


If you want to prevent collisions, make sure you follow these basics:

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To accept any settlement offer after a car accident in Hollywood, you need to know the full cost of your accident. How much money will truly cover all the expenses related to your accident and injuries?


This can be a surprisingly challenging question to answer, because a car accident can affect your life in so many ways. Your car accident may end up costing more than you realize because you may end up having to pay for:

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If you have been in a car accident in Hollywood, Homestead, or any South Florida community, you may have suffered serious injuries, including lacerations, fractures, head trauma, and other injuries. The period of healing after your collision will be very important and you will need to make many decisions which could impact your health for a long time.


If you are working on healing after a car accident, there are many things you’ll want to do to improve your chances of a fuller recovery:

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Car accidents in Hollywood and South Florida happen for many reasons, including drunk driving, mechanical failure, and other problems. One common reason for car accidents involves poor visibility. When drivers can’t see what’s in front of them, they can’t react in time to avoid a crash.


Visibility on the road is affected by many things, including the weather, signage, street lights, car design, and other factors. However, there are many things you can do as a motorist to keep your visibility high to reduce your risk of collisions:

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The eyes may be the windows to the school, but they are also a crucial part of your driving experience. When you secure your driver’s license for the first time, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles will determine whether you need to wear corrective lenses and you may be required to pass a vision test or be able to prove that you have the vision necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely. In the future, as self-driving car technology becomes more prevalent, eyesight may not be as big a factor in driving safely. For now, though, good vision is essential for safe roads.


There are several ways you can ensure your eye health doesn’t negatively impact your risk of a car accident in Homestead or your community:

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People who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) face special challenges when driving a vehicle. According to a Swedish study, drivers with the condition have a close to 50% higher chance of being in a serious car accident.


Quite simply, driving with ADHD poses a challenge because driving requires concentrated focus for extended periods of time. People who live with ADHD may have a hard time concentrating driving, especially on longer drivers. This can lead to car accidents and near misses. If you live with ADHD and want to avoid being in a car accident in Hollywood or your South Florida community, there are several ways that you can stay safer on the road:

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