Why Does Florida Have So Many Car Accidents?

Florida has a high number of car collisions, accounting for up to 20% of all the nation’s accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also lists the state as among the top states when it comes to fatal crashes.

When you’re in a car accident in Florida, it’s important to protect yourself. You don’t want your injuries and needs to be lost in a wave of claims. Flaxman Law Group is a boutique, family-based law firm that was founded to help people who are injured in South Florida. If you’re injured in a car accident, our father-son attorney team is here for you. You can always call our Hollywood, Miami, or Homestead offices to schedule a free accident with an injury lawyer.


Why Are There So Many Car Collisions in Florida?

There are many reasons why Florida sees so many accidents and fatal collisions in particular:

  • The weather. Heat, humidity, and glare can all disorient motorists and increase the risk of a crash. Extreme weather, such as severe storms, can also cause drivers to lose control of their cars.
  • Visitors. Florida is one of the biggest tourism attractions in the world. While tourists add to the economy and vibrancy of the state, out-of-state drivers may not be used to Florida roads and may not be familiar with routes, which can put them (and others) at risk.
  • Senior drivers. Many people retire to Florida because of the weather. While many senior drivers are very safe behind the wheel, the fact is that certain conditions associated with age—including dementia and vision problems, for example—can mean some seniors are at risk of crashes.
  • Speeding. Speeding is a major factor in many Florida accidents. Speeding can not only make drivers lose control of their car, but it can create momentum that leads to a serious and even fatal crash.
  • Drunk driving. Unfortunately, drinking is linked to many serious and even fatal traffic accidents in Florida. A vibrant night life in cities like Miami and tourists who decide to drink can contribute to this, especially during Spring Break.
  • Road design and maintenance. Florida saw a huge building boom in the 1920s and again after the Second World War. At the time, streets were designed for a smaller population and with more cars on the road older designs do not always work. In addition, not all communities have kept up maintenances of roads and bridges, which can mean potholes and accidents caused by poor roads.
  • Distraction. Distraction is a growing cause of Florida car collisions. Today, motorists have so much on their minds that they can fail to focus on driving. In addition, visitors may be trying to look at a map or GPS rather than focusing on the road in front of them. Even the design of cars can be a distraction, with bright, interactive dashboards and entire infotainment systems in some vehicles.

If you have been in a car accident in Florida, whether you’re a visitor or resident, it’s important to protect your future. Serious injuries can lead to high medical costs, lost income, car repair costs, and even expenses you don’t expect.

To find out whether you might have a claim, reach out to Flaxman Law Group as soon as possible after you’re injured. We can set up a free consultation between you and a Florida car accident attorney on our team, so you can learn more about your options and rights.

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