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Car accidents in Hollywood can have a profound impact on mental health of survivors. The trauma of the crash itself as well as the emotional upheaval of a long recovery and the stress of financial worries can all contribute to anxiety, depression, and other ailments.


Unfortunately, mental health can be underdiagnosed and undertreated after a car crash but can affect your ability to recover your life. When you are struggling after a car accident, you may face these additional obstacles:

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When driving in Hollywood and Florida, rear-end shunt collisions and T-bone accidents are not the only things you need to worry about. While you may feel safe inside your car, instances of carjacking, attacks in parking lots, and other criminal activity in and around cars are not unheard of.



You need to consider personal safety when driving in Hollywood and South Florida, especially if you often travel alone and at night. These tips can help:

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Recently, the news was filled with stories about comedian Kevin Hart suffering serious injuries in a car collision. This has meant that more people are talking about back injuries caused by car accidents.


In Miami and across South Florida, back trauma and back injuries and common result of car accidents. The most common back injuries following a car accident include:

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If you have been in a truck or car accident in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, you need to think about your financial future. The reality is that the medical expenses and loss of income following a collision can be devastating. Even if you get some insurance money, it may not be enough, especially if your injuries take a long time to heal.


While your first priority will be to take care of your health and your family, there are several steps you will want to take to make sure your financial future is also protected:

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Car accidents in Homestead are not the only way to suffer serious injuries. Thieves and criminals do look to cars for their crimes and in some cases innocent drivers and passengers get injured.



Carjacking can involve assault, weapons, and verbal threats. It can deprive you of your car but can also lead to physical injuries. To prevent carjacking, always:

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Often, when drivers in Homestead or in Southern Florida are in a minor car accident, they trust that their insurance company will handle the costs. Unfortunately, many motorists also underestimate the costs of so-called fender benders in Homestead and Florida.


The reality is that even so-called minor accidents can add up to big losses and costs. Your insurance company, even if you have been paying premiums for years, may not necessarily pay for the full costs. You need to carefully consider whether you need to work with a Homestead car accident attorney after your accident.

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Parents often rely on cars to get children to school, appointments, and activities. In fact, most children in Hollywood and South Florida are driven around in cars every day. Parents may not consider it, but for many kids this is the most dangerous activity they take part in.


Car accidents in Hollywood and other communities can cause serious injuries and fatalities to child passengers. Since children are smaller and are still growing, serious injuries can affect them and their development more than similar injuries might affect adults.

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The news has been filled with safety warnings about ride share services following a high-profile case in New Jersey, where a woman was murdered after getting into what she believed was her ride share car. Attacks on passengers and even car accidents can occur with ride sharing services, so it can be useful to follow a few tips to keep safe:


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Being in a car accident in Homestead or any Florida community can cause many physical symptoms, such as fractures, head trauma, back injuries, whiplash and other serious injuries. However, car crashes can also cause other, and less obvious injuries.


Traffic collisions are in fact closely associated with some mental health difficulties, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. If you already suffer from a mental illness, being in a traffic accident in Homestead or your community can exacerbate the condition.

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Broadside crashes, also known as T-bone accidents, are common in Homestead, Hollywood, and across South Florida. These accidents occur when the front end of one vehicle impacts with the side of another car or truck. These collisions tend to be interaction accidents, occurring when drivers fail to yield right-of-way or when someone runs a stop sign or red light.


Unfortunately, T-bone collisions often lead to severe injuries. Since there is little crumble zone and less space between passengers and the side of the car when compared with passengers and the rear or front of a vehicle, it is more likely that passengers will be directly impacted. Many cars have side-impact airbags to offer some protection, but at full speeds at an intersection a truck or car crashing into a driver side or passenger side can still cause devastation.

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