What Are the Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Florida and What Should You Do If You’re Injured in These Types of Accidents?

No two car accidents are the same, and in Florida there are several types of crashes that can lead to serious injuries. Here, we take a closer look at the six most common accident types and what you need to know to stay safe.


Rear-end collisions

These crashes happen when a vehicle crashes into the car in front of them. Commonly, this is caused by tailgating, distracted driving, or one driver stopping suddenly. Often, these crashes result in a lot of finger-pointing, witch each driver accusing the other of causing the collision.

The forward motion of a rear-end collision can cause the bodies of passengers and the driver in the impacted car to surge forward. This can result in head trauma, whiplash, soft tissue injuries, and other serious injuries.

If you’re in this kind of car crash, it’s useful to have a rear-facing camera that can record what happened. Whether you have this device or not, avoid getting into a discussion about what caused the accident with the other driver. This is never productive and can harm your case. A better option may be to work with an experienced car accident attorney who can investigate the cause of the accident and can seek proof that can help your case.

T-bone collisions

Also known as side impact crashes, these accidents often happen at intersections, where one car crashes into the side of another, often because a driver has run a red light. They can be caused by drunk driving, mechanical failure, distracted driving, and other causes.

Even with side impact air bags, side impact crashes can cause serious and even fatal injuries to drivers and occupants of the impacted car. Head trauma, facial injuries, internal injuries, fractures, and other serious injuries are quite common in these types of accidents.

If you’re in a T-bone collision, it may be best to call police. If someone has run a red light, you’ll want documentation of their failure to follow traffic rules. You may also need emergency services, since these collisions tend to result in serious injuries. Working with an attorney in these cases may help you seek compensation for your injuries, especially if your injuries are permanent or long-term.

Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions usually happen because a driver is in the wrong lane or makes a wrong turn. They are almost always preventable and, sadly, they tend to cause serious and devastating injuries, including fatalities and head or spinal cord trauma.

If you’re in a head-on crash, having a dash cam can help you prove what happened. If you can after this kind of collision, you’ll want to contact police and possibly emergency services if there are any serious injuries at the scene.

Hit and run collisions

Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal, but some motorists panic and do just that. They may not have a license or insurance and may be worried about the consequences of being found liable for an accident.

In a serious accident, hit and run collisions can be fatal because the other driver may not stop to call for emergency help. Even if the accident does not cause catastrophic injuries, a hit and run can make it harder for a driver to recover compensation for their car damage and any injuries.

If you’ve been in a hit and run accident, you may be covered by your insurance policy. You may also want to work with an experienced car accident claims attorney if your injuries were serious.

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