How Do Mobile Devices Lead to Deerfield Beach Car Crashes?

Today’s mobile devices have become more important than our wallets as part of our everyday life. In some cases, they can replace our wallets. Cell phones, tablets, and other devices let us communicate with others, complete work tasks on the fly, call for emergency help, pay for purchases, find our way, take photos if we’re in a car crash, and more.


But mobile devices are also a danger in the car because they can and do lead to car collisions in Deerfield Beach and across the country. The main dangers of mobile devices include:

  • Manual distraction: Phones and other small devices can cause drivers to take their hands off the wheel to check text messages or to make a call. If the driver needs to make a sudden maneuver to avoid a collision, this distraction can cause a crash.
    Mental distraction: Even if motorists use hands-free devices, the incoming texts, street directions, and other information coming in through audio or the dashboard can still cause mental distraction. If a driver is thinking about a conversation or what they are listening to instead of driving, they can make preventable mistakes which can cause a collision.
  • Visual distraction: Even glancing at a screen for a fraction of a second is enough time to cause a serious accident. When drivers are not looking at the road, their response time is too slow if they need to act quickly in response to a sudden obstacle on the street.
  • Object danger: Mobile devices can fall under foot, where they can pose a danger if they get in the way of the brake or gas pedals. In the event of a crash, mobile devices can go flying and as they become projectiles, they can cause serious head and facial injuries if they come into contact with any occupants of the car.

Preventing Mobile Device Distraction in Your Car

The best way to avoid the dangers of mobile devices in your car is simply not to use them while you drive. Place devices in the glove compartment or trunk, with the devices turned off. If you must be available during your drive for work purposes, use a hands-free device and always pull over before responding to texts or communications or for any task which requires more concentration.

What To Do If Another Motorist Causes a Collision By Using a Mobile Device

Of course, even if you take every precaution other drivers can put you at risk of car crashes by using mobile devices incorrectly while driving. If you are in a collision, it may not always be possible to tell right away whether the other driver was distracted, but by working with an experienced attorney you may be able to secure the mobile tower data and other evidence you need to prove distraction played a role.

If you have been hurt by a reckless driver, you may be able to pursue compensation to help pay for your losses. To find out more, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) to work with a team with more than 60 years of combined experience. Contact us today for a free, no obligation case consultation with a Deerfield Beach distracted driving claims attorney.

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