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Car accidents involving cars on the road injure children, but some child car injuries in Hollywood are caused by vehicles accidentally set in motion. When children are left alone in a car, they tend to explore and can manage to start the vehicle and cause it to roll forward or backward. If the car is parked on a hill or a slope, the vehicle can roll towards another vehicle, towards traffic, or towards a tree or solid object. A vehicle set in motion with child passengers can cause devastating head injuries, fractures, and other serious injuries.


Most cars made after 2006 have a BTSI (brake transmission shift interlock system), which means the driver has to engage the brake to get the car out of park. This can help prevent vehicles accidentally set in motion, but children can still accidentally set a car in motion. Older cars do not have BTSI and are a risk.

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It is important that only qualified and licensed drivers over the age of 16 are allowed to operate a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, some children drive before they are 16 and before they have gotten the proper training and licensing. This puts not only them but others around them in danger as these drivers do not have the skills to drive safely and may not know how to execute turns, stops or other moves safely. They may also be more prone to excessive speeds or dangerous maneuvers when compared with licensed drivers.


There are many reasons why teenagers who are under the age of 16 decide to drive without a license. In some cases, they are passionate about video games or movies which show driving and are eager to try it for themselves. In other cases, older friends encourage them to drive in isolated areas just to try out this form of freedom. Sometimes, peer pressure contributes to underage driving. In all cases, it is a serious risk. Underage driving can mean a visit from the police and can land your child in trouble. Worse, your child can be seriously injured or even fatally injured in a car crash caused by an inexperienced driver. You need to be concerned not only with your own child getting behind the wheel, but with your child being in a car with an underage driver.

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Each year, up to 20 people across the country die because they are trapped in the trunk of a car. Most of these incidents occur either with children playing around a car and getting stuck in the trunk or occur because a child or adult is placed in the trunk of a car during a crime.


Since 2002, it has been mandatory for cars to have trunk release handles inside the car’s trunk and by law these trunk releases must be glow-in-the-dark. Older cars may not have this feature. If you have an older car, you may be able to get a retrofit kit to make your trunk safer. Beyond this step, there are other things you can do to prevent trunk entrapment:

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Power windows are a convenient feature of many cars, but they exert enough force to seriously injure or even kill a child. While many parents are aware of the importance of car seats or the dangers of car accidents in Hollywood and their communities, they may not consider that something as simple as a window can kill.


Windows can move up quickly and with enough force to crush small hands and arms. There have also been some fatal incidents involving children placing their head through the window and sustaining fatal injuries when a power window was activated. Since power windows are easy to operate, a small child may be able to make the window move easily. Children may have an interest in watching the windows move, which can mean they end up trapped.

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Now that school is about to start, the morning and afternoon commutes may become more hectic. Hollywood car accidents and pedestrian accidents are a concern for parents and drivers during the school year, since there are more vehicles on the road and more children walking to and from school.


Whether you are a driver or parent, there are some ways we can all work together to make this school safer for all South Florida school children:

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In 2018 so far, there have been 35 fatalities caused by children being left behind in cars. These tragedies can be prevented, and it is especially important that parents in Miami and across South Florida be aware of the problem, since temperatures can be so high in this part of the country.


There are many factors which can contribute to this tragedy. One is that children are small and are usually kept in the rear seat for their own safety. This can make them easy to overlook in the rear-view mirror and when you walk away from the car, especially if they fall asleep. In addition, children are more susceptible than adults to overheating, so even a short while in a hot car can be fatal.

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Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas which can be fatal. With no warning signs, it can enter your home and cause sleepiness as well as fatalities, so taking precautions is important. Cars are a major source of carbon monoxide and unfortunately, with our homes being more tightly sealed to ensure energy efficiency, carbon monoxide risks can occur in many homes.


You can keep yourself and your family safe by:

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If your child has been in a Hollywood or South Florida accident, you may feel fortunate if your child has walked away without serious injuries. However, you still need to stay alert for the emotional impact of a car collision. Many children struggle in the weeks and months following a crash; some even develop depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other challenges.


To help your child, you will want to:

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Frontover car accidents in Hollywood and Florida are devastating, especially since they often involve very young victims. These car collisions occur when a driver is moving forward slowly and does not see a pedestrian or passenger directly in front of the car. Most often, these incidents involve children, who may not be visible over the front hood of a car and residential driveways as well as commercial parking lots are locations where such accidents are especially common.


Each year, thousands of children suffer serious or fatal injuries due to frontover accidents. These injuries can be prevented in a few basic ways:

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Limousines are usually hired to celebrate a big event such as a wedding or prom. This makes limousine accidents in Hollywood all the more devastating, as individuals celebrating a milestone in their lives are faced with a collision and the consequences.


You can reduce the risk of injuries and a limo crash by seeking a reputable limo company for your event. Be sure to ask the limo company about their drivers, training, and screening processes, and ask to see written proof of a driver’s experience and qualifications. In the limo, remain sober and use a seatbelt. Never sit up on the sunroof or lean outside the sunroof or windows.

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