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At this time of year, parents and families are getting ready for back to school, and that means school buses. While school buses are generally safe, they are involved in traffic collisions which can cause devastating injuries.


In Hollywood and other communities, pedestrian accidents are actually more likely with school buses. The greatest moments of danger for children are when they are disembarking or boarding the bus. There are a few ways you can help keep your kids safe:

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When your teen first gets their license, they’re usually thinking about freedom and about all the great things they will get to experience. Road trips. Visits to friends. Teens rarely think about their first accident, but in reality young drivers do find themselves in serious collisions in Hollywood and Florida. And if your teen drives long enough, statistically they will be in a few collisions in their lifetime.

Person buckling seatbelt

As a parent, it’s a terrifying thought. But it’s also an opportunity to prepare your teens and to have an honest discussion about the dangers of driving. Even if you hate the thought of your child ever being in a collision in Hollywood or anywhere else, having this tough discussion is crucial. It can help you impress upon your young driver how to avoid crashes—and can help them understand what they need to do to protect themselves if they ever are in a crash.

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Being in a car accident in Homestead or anywhere in South Florida is a stressful situation. You may worry about paying for car repair bills, missing time at work, or otherwise having your life turned upside down.


Unfortunately, there are scammers who make the situation much worse by trying to defraud you when you are most vulnerable. Being aware of the most common scams can help you avoid some of the money drains fraudsters may impose on you.

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Car accidents in Homestead are not the only way to suffer serious injuries. Thieves and criminals do look to cars for their crimes and in some cases innocent drivers and passengers get injured.



Carjacking can involve assault, weapons, and verbal threats. It can deprive you of your car but can also lead to physical injuries. To prevent carjacking, always:

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New cars and trucks have driver assistance systems (ADAs), and some experts say these systems can help cut car accidents in Hollywood and across the country. Driver assistance systems include features such as blind spot alerts, parking sensors, backup cameras, automatic braking, collision alerts, pedestrian detection, lane keeping systems, auto high beam lighting, and other features. They are designed to step in and help drivers with driving skills alone don’t work.


While much has been written about how driverless car technology may eventually stop accidents, these driver assistance systems may already be reducing collisions. In fact, studies and polls have found drivers with driver assistance systems have reported these systems have already helped them avoid crashes. Continue reading →

In Hollywood and across Southern Florida, golf carts are becoming an increasingly common form of transportation, even off the greens. In many neighborhoods, gated communities, and retirement communities, residents are using these vehicles to get around and the number of golf carts in the region is rising.


At the same time as the number of golf carts is rising in places such as Hollywood, Homestead, Hialeah, Coral Gables, and other communities in Florida, the golf carts themselves are changing. Newer versions on the market have more features and may be able to go faster, sometimes over 25 miles per hour. Known as “super golfcarts,’ these golf carts, in particular, have been linked to a number of injuries.

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Often, when drivers in Homestead or in Southern Florida are in a minor car accident, they trust that their insurance company will handle the costs. Unfortunately, many motorists also underestimate the costs of so-called fender benders in Homestead and Florida.


The reality is that even so-called minor accidents can add up to big losses and costs. Your insurance company, even if you have been paying premiums for years, may not necessarily pay for the full costs. You need to carefully consider whether you need to work with a Homestead car accident attorney after your accident.

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In Hollywood and in South Florida, it’s not unusual to see rental bikes by companies such as Uber, Citi, and other players in the market. For tourists, rental bikes are an inexpensive and pleasant way to see the beauty of South Florida without having to rent a car. They can also potentially help reduce car exhaust and offer a workout for users.

Unfortunately, due to the number of rental bikes offered in the area, some problems can occur:

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Whether you have a cat, dog, snake, or any other kind of animal, of course you love your pet. Unfortunately, while your pet at home provides a great source of companionship and fun, in the car the same animal can be a danger.


Pets cause distracted driving and collisions in Hollywood and across South Florida every year. Unfortunately, this causes injuries not only to drivers and passengers but also to pets and even innocent bystanders. For this reason, you want to use these tips to keep yourself and your pets safe, whether you’re driving to the vet or going on vacation with your favorite nonhuman companion:

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