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After a Car Accident, Don’t Lose Your Rights

No one wants to be in a car accident. However, if you have been in accident and have sustained serious injuries such as burn injuries or spinal cord injuries or have sustained damage to your car, you will want to make claims to help you cover your costs. The problem is that many people are so focused on injuries or the car repairs they need to make after an accident that they sometimes make mistakes that can cost them their rights to a fair claim. If you are in a car accident, protect yourself and your rights by:

1. Calling authorities. Make sure that you contact medical facilities immediately if there have been any injuries and contact the police right away. The police will need to file a report. Make sure that you note the names of the officers who arrived on the scene. Make sure that you keep copies of any medical tests and information from the hospital as well.

2. Staying at the scene of the accident. Unless there is a medical emergency and you need to be taken to hospital immediately, stay at the scene of the accident so that you can tell authorities your version of events. Even if you do require medical emergency treatment, make sure that you are taken to hospital by authorities, such as ambulance drivers. Do not simply leave the scene of the accident yourself, as this can be misconstrued.

3. Starting to take stock of information right away. Pictures taken with your camera, the names and numbers of witnesses, insurance information, VIN numbers of cars involved in the crash and other information can all become crucial. Take note of everything you can. Get copies of all documentation related to the accident and start keeping a documentation of any injuries you have sustained. Take pictures of your injuries and even start keeping a journal about your medical condition after the accident.

4. Contacting your insurance provider at once. Most insurance companies have 24-hour numbers just in case. If you don’t have the number with you at the time of the crash, call directory assistance. Contacting your insurance provider is part of your responsibility after an accident. Delaying this step can complicate your claims.

5. Contact a Florida attorney with experience in car accident cases. In most cases, personal injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation. It is important for you to understand your rights and to get help negotiating with insurance providers. A qualified attorney can help you with this, so do not delay calling legal help.