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Are We Becoming More Successful in Preventing Florida Car Accidents?

According to new statistics, Florida streets and the nations streets may be becoming safer in some ways – despite the continued presence of Florida pedestrian accidents and car accidents and despite the fact that there are more drivers on the road than ever before. According to new statistics, there are five times as many motorists in the US as there were six decades ago. However, 2009 saw fewer deaths than there have been since the 1950s.

Experts agree that there has been a change. About 14 years ago, many people did not wear seat belts – a factor that helps to prevent many Florida brain injuries and fatalities in Florida car accidents. As well, two decades ago, cars were made with fewer safety features for passenger safety, experts note. Even in cases where a vehicle was not damaged, fatalities could result.

Today, car manufacturers are paying more attention to passenger safety. Features such as anti-lock brakes, skid control, brake force inhibitors, electronic brake distribution, airbags, and other safety features protect passengers in a collision and offer the driver more control of the vehicle in an accident, helping to prevent some Florida car accidents. Features such as airbags can help prevent Florida brain injuries and fatalities, even in a more serious accident. With safety standards and rating widely published, and with more consumer awareness about car safety, car manufacturers are in fact competing with each other to introduce more safety features.

It’s not just car manufacturers who are trying to prevent Florida car accidents. In the past twenty years, laws regarding drunk driving accidents, DUI, speeding, and other violations have become more stringent. As well, Florida has hired more officers over the years in order to enforce traffic laws more fully.

The focus on safety appears to be paying off. Fatal Florida car accidents have decreased almost 30% since 2005. The number of fatal Florida drunk driving accidents has also decreased 15% between 2008 and 2009. In 2009, Florida traffic deaths dropped for the fourth consecutive year. While there are still many preventable Florida traffic accidents and personal injuries, the statistics suggest some movement in the right direction.