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Avoiding a Hialeah Car Accident This Labor Day Weekend

As with every three-day weekend, the Labor Day weekend is a cause of concern for law enforcement agencies across the state when it comes to drunk driving. Unfortunately, even with all the law enforcement checkpoints in place and all the public awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, every Labor Day weekend there are Florida and Hialeah car accidents and traffic stops caused by DUI.

This year, the Florida Highway Patrol is taking part in a national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” initiative that will continue through September 3. In addition, police will be more vigilant during the holiday weekend in order to try to prevent Florida and Hialeah drunk driving accidents. To avoid a tragedy this holiday weekend, follow these tips:

1) Do not assume a small amount of alcohol is OK. In Florida, the legal blood-alcohol limit is 0.08%. For a woman who weighs 120 pounds, it may take only two to three drinks to exceed this limit. For a 190-pound adult man, it may take three to four drinks to exceed the limit. Depending on the physical condition of the person and the strength of the drinks served, however, it can take less. As well, some experts question the 0.08 percent limit, noting that for some people by the time they approach this limit their reasoning, peripheral vision, depth perception, and reflexes may be affected. In fact, most European countries have set their blood alcohol limits much lower and some nations have eliminated any drinking for drivers. Experts believe that even if you are below the official blood alcohol limit, you may still be affected enough by the alcohol to cause a Hialeah car accident. The best option is to avoid driving if you have been drinking at all. Keep in mind that secondary factors such as the heat or fatigue after a late-night Labor Day party can amplify the effects of just one drink.

2) Do not belittle other risk factors. Some drivers assume that as long as they are not drinking and driving, they are being responsible. However, if you are driving distracted or tired, you may be just as much risk on the road. For example, if you stay out late after a Labor Day party and then drive you may be just as liable to fall asleep at the wheel and cause a Hialeah pedestrian accident as someone who has been drinking.

3) Have multiple options for getting home. You are more likely to choose a safe route home if you choose several options. Designate a driver, but also have money and taxi company phone numbers to get home safely, for example. The more options you have, the more likely you are to make the right choice.

4) Remove temptation in the first place. If you are attending a Labor Day event where you know you may drink, consider taking a taxi or a bus to the event in the first place, so that driving home in your car is not even an option. Or, consider an alcohol-free event.

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