Back Injuries After a Car Crash in Pembroke Pines?

Car accidents are a common cause of back injuries in Pembroke Pines. During a collision, passengers can be violently thrown around inside the car and can collide with objects inside the vehicle. They can also be thrown from the car and fall onto a hard surface, jolting the back.


Back injury claims in Pembroke Pines can occur due to spinal cord injuries, where parts of the spinal cord are crushed or severely injured, sometimes leading to paralysis or quadriplegia. However, claims also arise when a passenger sustains seemingly less serious back injuries.

Back Injuries After a Car Collision in Pembroke Pines

There are many kinds of back injuries which don’t necessarily involve spinal cord injuries. They can include:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Slipped discs

One thing which can happen after a car accident is that a patient will not have any obvious spinal cord trauma but within a few hours or a few days will develop severe pain and mobility problems. An injury sustained in the accident may be missed if it is not obvious, even if the results can have a profound impact on a sufferer’s life and earning potential.

In these situations, insurance companies may claim an injury is not “serious” or even was not caused by the collision. However, any type of painful back injury can lead to lost time at work, appointments with specialists, and ongoing treatment. Chronic back pain, for example, can have a devastating impact on a person’s ability to live their lives, care for themselves and even hold down a job.

Life With a Serious Back Injury

Back injuries cause physical, emotional, personal, and financial distress. In many cases, the pain is severe enough to make even walking or simple tasks difficult and some types of chronic back pain can come and go, meaning patients live in dread of the next time their back “gives out.” Living with this type of stress day in and day out takes a heavy toll.

Getting correctly diagnosed can also be a journey and may require multiple imaging scans and visits. Patients sometimes need to try many forms of therapy and medication before finding a combination of treatments that work. Since chronic back pain is still being studied by researchers, even specialists cannot always offer answers. Sometimes, a patient simply lives with pain and must seek alternative or experimental forms of treatment as well as medication to try to reduce pain.

What To do If You Have Back Pain After a Car Crash

If you develop back pain following a car collision, see a doctor and follow any recommendations for treatment. You may also wish to consult a back injury attorney in Pembroke Pines to discuss whether you have a legal claim. A back injury can result in lost income, costly medication, and ongoing treatment and you will want to review whether you can secure compensation to help pay for these injuries which you may have sustained through no fault of your own.

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