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Back to School Commutes: Now’s the Time to Plan

Commutes during the morning rush hour can be hectic and can mean a risk of car accidents in Hollywood or your community. Mornings during the school year, especially, can be complicated and busy, which can lead to crashes and collisions.


This year, you can make the commute to and from school a little easier by planning ahead. This is the perfect time of year to reevaluate the school run and find new ways to keep your children safe:

1) Evaluate congestion and possible risks.

Morning and afternoon school commutes coincide with work commutes for adults, which can mean more cars on the roads of Hollywood or your community. Working with a map and online news, take a look at possible options for your commute. Which routes are most congested? Do any of them have construction which could slow down traffic even more?

Choose the safest route you can and download an app on your phone to help you track traffic, weather, and construction. If your usual route is busier, make sure you have alternate routes mapped out and ready.

2) Consider your own morning and evening routines.

Do you struggle to wake up in the mornings? Are your afternoons hectic? If you are distracted or tired during the school commute, you may be more at risk of a crash. If you realize you will have a hard time making the commute, consider a carpool system or having your children dropped off by a caregiver or family member. Or, consider the school bus.

3) Review drop-off points.

Look for drop-off points where congestion is controlled and where your children will be able to get to pedestrian-only areas quickly and immediately. Dropping your child off in a busy parking lot where they need to get to a sidewalk can increase their risk of a pedestrian accident. School zone drop-off spots, offered by most schools, can be a safer option.

4) Find ways to reduce your risk during the school commute.

You may be able to make your morning routine a little less hectic and your drive a little less rushed if you prepare the night before. Prepare lunches and breakfasts the night before and set out toiletries, school clothes, and anything else needed the night before. Have homework done and backpacks packed and by the door so you have  a little more time during the mornings to get to school.

5) Monotask.

Trying to multitask is distracting and can increase your risk of a distracted driving collision. Always put away mobile devices during your school commute and focus on one thing at a time. When you’re in the car, focus on getting to your destination safely.

6) Stay organized and work to reduce fatigue.

Hang a large family calendar in a prominent place in your home so you can keep track of what everyone is doing. Sync your family’s schedules so you can keep track of activities, commutes, and chores. Knowing where you need to be and what needs to get done can help you plan ahead.

Where possible, delegate tasks and work to reduce your tasks. Consider whether you really need to get everything on your to-do list done and think about whether anyone else could handle some errands. Having less to do can prevent overwhelm and distraction, which makes you a safer driver. Staying organized and reducing what you have to do can also help curb fatigued driving, which is a key reason behind many car collisions in South Florida.

If you have been injured in a commuting collision in Hollywood, Miami, or anywhere in South Florida, you may not be the only one injured. If your children were in the car, your passengers may have suffered head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other trauma. Did you know you can seek compensation for your own damages and possibly on behalf of your children? To find out whether you have a claim, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation consultation discuss your legal options.