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Backover Miami Car Accidents a Major Concern for Parents

The U.S. Department of Transportation will be launching initiatives to prevent backover accidents and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has already been spending money and efforts on the issue. Backover accidents are one of the most devastating accidents, because they so often affect small children. These types of Miami car accidents occur when a driver reverses and accidentally hits or injures someone standing behind the car. In many cases, the injured are children. Since they are often small, they may be easy for a driver to miss, even if the driver is looking. According to experts, there are many things that parents can do to prevent backover Miami traffic accidents:

1) Teach your child to never play near or behind cars and trucks. One of the big problems with many backover accidents is that they affect children who are playing behind trucks or cars. It is important to teach children a healthy respect for all vehicles from an early age to help prevent Miami truck accidents and car accidents. Avoid having basketball nets and other sports equipment in the driveway as well – move it to the back yard as possible. Do not let children play in the driveway and be sure to teach them to stay well away from the rear or cars and trucks.

2) When reserving, check blind spots carefully. Make it a habit to look behind you and check your mirrors. Many drivers simply ease into reverse and pull back, especially if they realize they have forgotten something. This can be a deadly mistake – one that easily leads to a Miami pedestrian accident. Make it a point to check blind spots each time you reverse.

3) Invest in a backup cameras. The NHTSA will make the cameras mandatory on all new vehicles by 2014, but in the meantime all car owners can install them for a few hundred dollars. Backup cameras allow you to see the entire area behind your car, and many experts consider them one of the best options for preventing backup car accidents. Even if you check blind spots by turning around in your car seat, the rear end of the vehicle constitutes a huge blind spots. Even if you check for blind spots, there is enough room behind a car to hide multiple children if the children are not standing up. If a child is playing behind the car or sitting down, there is no way to see that child without a backup camera.

In many cases, backup Miami car collisions cause serious injuries. Since they largely affect children and since children are smaller, children often absorb the impact of the car to the head and chest area. Even if a car is reversing at low speeds, the Miami head injuries sustained to a child in manner can prove fatal. Each year, children do die due to injuries sustained in these types of accidents.

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