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The Best Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Drivers

If you are still shopping for the holidays and have drivers on your list, there are some great last-minute gift ideas that could help the motorists on your list stay safe for years to come:

1) Rear-view cameras.

Back-over accidents in Miami and other communities are especially tragic because they often involve children. These accidents take place because children can easily stay hidden in the blind spots of a car if they are playing directly behind a vehicle. Rear-view cameras allow a driver to see far more clearly behind the vehicle, which can help them avoid back-over accidents, parking lot accidents, and other collisions. Rear-view cameras sometimes come bundled with GPS systems as well.


2) Breathalyzer key chains.

Drunk driving in Miami and other cities is a leading cause of fatalities and injuries. One reason people don’t make better decisions after drinking is that their judgment is impaired and in some cases they believe that they are not “that” impaired. Although not as accurate as police breathalyzer tests, breathalyzer key chains help friends and family make the right decisions when it comes to drinking and driving. In addition to the key chains, you can also give out hand-made coupons for free, sober rides home and no drinking and driving pledges to help loved ones make better decisions when it comes to drinking responsibly.

3) Car tune-up gift certificates.

Mechanical failure can easily lead to a collision if a driver loses control of their car, and in many cases mechanical failure is caused by poor maintenance. Gift certificates from local car repair shops is a great way to keep friends and family safer on the roads.

4) Driving or racing lessons.

Is someone on your list a new driver? Gift certificates for additional driving lessons – especially defensive driving lessons – can help a newer driver hone their skills with the help of a professional driving instructor. Racing lessons can also be a good way to get a new driver into an environment where they learn from expert drivers.

5) Emergency road kits.

Pre-packaged or home-made emergency road kits are a thoughtful gift and can be simple or quite elaborate. Friends and family can keep these kits in their car in the event they are ever stranded or involved in an accident. A kit can include a basic tool kit, first aid kit, blankets, water, and non-perishable items as well as flares or a flashlight.

6) GPS systems.

Being lost is no fun, but it can also be dangerous if it distracts the driver. Looking at a map can also be a huge distraction. GPS systems today are quite affordable and can help drivers focus on their driving while the system provides auditory prompts about which turns to take.

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