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Bringing a Tree Home? Here’s How to Do So Safely

Picking the perfect holiday tree for your home is only part of the process. Once you find the perfect tree in a lot, you need to get it home safely. Unfortunately, your car was not designed to carry home trees—and a large item on your roof can pose its own hazards.

Nothing ruins holiday cheer like a car accident, and no one deserves to be injured just because they were trying to make their home more festive for the season. Here are some ways you can get your tree home safely this year:


1) Keep your children occupied and safe.

A tree is very exciting to children, but children talking or playing in the back of your car can be a distraction while you’re driving – and you need to keep your full focus on the road when you’re trying to transport a tree. Bring games to keep your children busy on the way home or an extra adult to supervise the children while you drive.

2) Bring the right equipment to properly strap the tree to your roof.

You will need ratchet style tie-downs straps if you plan on transporting the tree on your roof and straps or rope if you plan on transporting the tree in your trunk. You will also need lights, flags, or reflectors to attach to the tree if it extends past your rear bumper or the front of the car. If you’re headed to a lot that does not sell pre-wrapped trees, bring tarp or netting to wrap the tree.

Before leaving home, measure how tall your tree can be and check your car’s owner’s manual to find out about weight limits for your trunk and roof. Measure your roof and car so you understand how large a tree you can transport home.

3) Make sure the tree is secure and not obstructing your windows or mirrors before you drive off the lot.

You have two options for getting your tree home by car: you can place it in the trunk or strap it to the roof. No matter what method you choose, make sure the tree will not move or fall out of the car during transport. If the tree falls out of your trunk you could cause a traffic crash in Hollywood or your community. If it slips while on your roof, it could cover your windshield and cause you to crash as a result.

4) Adjust your driving.

Slow down and consider taking a less-busy route home once you have your tree. Quieter streets (instead of freeways) let you slow down and enjoy less congestion, which can lower your risk of a collision.

5) Consider alternative ways of getting your tree home.

If you have a smaller car, want a larger tree, or just want to reduce the risk of an accident, consider using a delivery service or buying your tree from a lot offering delivery. Or, consider going tree hunting with a friend who has a pick-up truck and can transport your tree (and theirs) safely.

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