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Can Businesses Help Prevent Florida Drunk Driving Accidents?

Many businesses, including bars and restaurants, rely on alcohol for business. However, these businesses also face legal problems is their patrons cause an accident while driving home drunk. As a result, many businesses in Florida have been working to help prevent Florida drunk driving accidents in a number of ways:

1) Taxi services. Many businesses set up free taxi phones or offer to call taxis for patrons who have been drinking. In many cases, businesses may even be able to get referral dollars for patrons recommended to a taxi company.

2) Be My Designated Driver services. In the Tampa Bay area, a number of restaurant and bars are trying out this new service. Be My Designated Driver is a company that works with teams of drivers. When a patron has had too much to drink, one driver from Be My Designated Driver takes the patron home and the other driver takes the patron’s car home. That way, instead of driving drunk, the patron is taken home safely and does not need to drive back to get their car. The service has a flat fee as well as a mileage fee, but is generally less expensive than taking two taxis.

3) Designated driver benefits. Some bars around the country offer free non-alcoholic beverages or other small incentives to any designated driver, thereby providing extra reason for one member of a group to stay sober to get everyone safely home.

4) All-night parking. After drinking at a bar, many patrons are willing to take a taxi home but are worried about their cars. Some bars make it easy to leave a car overnight, ensuring that drivers can make a responsible decision without having to worry about a parking ticket or towing costs.

5) In-business breathalyzers. Some bars and dance clubs offer breathalyzer machines, where patrons can test their state before making a decision to drink and drive. Often, the machines are very colorful and make responsible choices fun.

6) Business partnerships. Some bars and clubs team up with taxi companies or other businesses to ensure that patrons have ready access to a safe ride home. When patrons can step outside and find a cab waiting, it can be a little easier to make a safe decision. In wine country, vineyards and restaurants have their own fleets of cars or drivers to ensure that everyone gets home safely.

7) Ads and social pressure. Many bars and clubs have ads prompting responsible drinking. In fact, many breweries create coasters and other items with “responsible drinking” messages, to encourage everyone to make safer choices. In addition, many bars and clubs take their responsibilities seriously. Where alcohol is served, staff are expected to ask for ID of anyone who looks underage and must stop serving alcohol to anyone who is inebriated. Many bars and clubs keep a close eye on patrons to ensure that they have all the tools they need to make safe choices about getting home safely.

8) Support for organizations that promote safe driving. Many businesses support organizations such as MADD, which work to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that this year 10,839 Americans will die in drunk driving accidents. This adds up to one fatality every 50 minutes. Many businesses are working to change these numbers.

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