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Can Florida Car Accidents Caused by Emergency Vehicle Pursuits be Prevented?

Each year, some Florida car accidents and traffic collisions occur when authorities pursue suspects in cars. While high-speed chases may routinely be added to movies to make them more exciting, in real life such chases can be dangerous. While police and other authorities are specially trained to drive quickly in order to get to emergency situations, accidents and crashes can easily take place. The suspect escaping from police may drive dangerously and even veer into others on purpose in a high-speed chase. The suspect or pursuers can easily lose control of their vehicle. In many cases, accidents occur because other motorists do not get out of the way in time.

There are a number of things that can be done to stay safe if you see a high-speed chase:

1) Immediately get out of the way. Give authorities plenty of time to do their job and stay out of the way of the suspect, who may be desperate and reckless. Pull over if you can. Even if you see someone stopped for a routine traffic violation, it is a smart idea to give the authorities an extra lane of room and to slow down. Many officers are injured by motorists who do not provide enough room.

2) Focus on your own driving. While it is natural to be curious about a chase, many secondary accidents take place when motorists focus on the chase or stop to take photos. Focus on getting safely out of the way and keep your eyes on the road. You can always learn the details later on the news.

3) Watch for pedestrians and bystanders. It’s not just motorists who are curious about chases. Sometimes, pedestrians crowd onto sidewalks and even the road when there is something happening. You may find pedestrians in unusual areas – such as your lane. Slow down and stay alert to help avert a Florida pedestrian accident.

4) Watch for help and signals from police officers. If police or other authorities do need to pursue someone by car, they will sometimes direct traffic to divert cars away from danger. In some cases, roads may be closed so that officers can do their job. Stay alert to any signals or instructions from police and follow these instructions carefully.

5) Stay away from mobile devices. This is not the time to quickly call a friend to report what you have seen. It is also not the time to text or snap a few photos. Distracted driving can be deadly in this situation, simply because there are so many unexpected conditions, more pedestrians, and hazards nearby. Stay distraction-free to stay safe.

6) Write to your elected representatives with your concerns about road safety. If you have suggestions for keeping the roads safer, be sure to share them.

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