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Can Online Learning Increase The Risk of Florida Car Accidents?

Since 2004, those seeking learners permit in Florida had the option of testing for their learners permit online. However, this option has been removed after officials discovered that over half of those who passed their learners permit test online could not pass the same test in person. The online learners permit test program officially ended with the close of 2010 after officials determined that the online testing option did not adequately test knowledge.

The change is meant to improve the safety standards for young drivers and new drivers. In 2009, a test of the online learners permit test was conducted when the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) re-tested 601 people in person. All of the examined persons had initialed passed their learners permit test online but 59% of these people were not able to answer enough basic rules-of-the-road questions in person to pass a learners permit test.

The online test was an additional source of revenue for Florida, with the state making up to three million dollars annually from the test. The online test was fee based, with applicants paying $20-$33 each for the option to take the test online. The in-person learners permit test has always been a no-cost option.

Police officers support the measure to enforce in-person testing for new drivers. Some have stated that the online option may encourage some applicants to cheat. As well, some police officers have expressed concern that those who cannot pass an in-person learners permit test may not have adequate knowledge of the rules of the road and may have a higher risk of causing Florida pedestrian accidents, car accidents, and other traffic accidents.

Now, applicants in Florida will need to pass their learners permit in persona at a tax collector’s office or at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It is unknown whether those who have already passed the test online will need to go through the process again. Currently, there are no reported studies to test the effects of online learners permit testing on Florida car accident rates.

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