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Car Rentals and Younger Drivers

Due to the statistics available about car accidents and young drivers, many car rental companies refuse to rent vehicles to drivers under the age of twenty-five. Other car rental companies substantially increase the fees and costs for young drivers. If you are under twenty-five and need to rent a car, therefore, your first aim should be to find a rental agency offering good prices and terms for younger drivers.

Since statistics do bear out rental agency concerns about younger drivers, you will of course want to take every precaution while on the road. You can do this in a number of ways:

1) Leave your cell phone or mobile device turned off in the car. Studies have proven that distraction caused by cell phones and mobile devices is a major source of accidents. A cell phone is handy in an emergency, but keep the device off until you are parked. Even if you usually talk and drive, keep in mind that you are less familiar with a rental car than your usual vehicle and you cannot afford to be distracted.

2) Take is easy. When you first get your rental car, take it along some quieter streets and familiarize yourself with the vehicle. The car may have slightly different steering, mirrors, and dash than you are familiar with, so get to know the car before you take it into more challenging driving situations.

3) Wear your seatbelt. It’s the easiest way to prevent serious head injuries, spinal cord injuries and other personal injuries associated with car accidents.

4) Avoid speeding at all costs. Speeding has been shown to contribute to most car accidents. Not only will staying within speed limits keep you safer, but it will also help you avoid the hassle of a speeding ticket.

5) Stay alert. Driving in an unfamiliar car is challenging enough, so keep aware and alert. Keep an eye on other drivers and try to anticipate their moves. Keep your eyes on the road and the road signs, especially if you are driving in an area you don’t know well.