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Challenges in Personal Injury Cases After a Car Accident

If you have sustained a brain injury, burn injury, amputation, or other serious injury after a car accident, you may have contacted a Florida personal injury attorney in order to pursue a personal injury claim. However, even while filing a claim can be a positive first step, there are still certain challenges you may need to face while you recover and while you pursue your claim:

1) Emotional upheaval. After a car accident, you may feel anxious, upset, fearful, and even angry. Emotional upset after a car accident is quite normal, but it can get in the way, since you will need to focus on getting better and making sound decisions. If you find that your emotions are upsetting, last more than a few weeks, or get in the way of you making sound decisions, consider seeking therapy.

2) Complications associated with the recovery process. Whether you have sustained a spinal cord injury or another serious injury, you will of course hope that the recovery process is full and quick. However, in some cases, recovery is complicated by underlying conditions, infection, and other problems. The more serious the injury, in general, the greater the risk of possible complications. Delays in the recovery process can be terribly frustrating and can also increase medical costs.

3) Legal issues. Ideally, you would be able to make a fair claim for an amount to cover your injuries and receive this amount from insurance companies. In reality, however, this does not always happen. You may need to seek legal help from a Florida personal injury attorney to cover your full medical costs or you may need to seek help if you have been accused of causing the accident that has injured you. Legal issues can be very stressful, especially since many patients are not well-versed in legal terms and legal matters, making legal problems seem very intimidating. Working closely with a good Florida personal injury attorney can give you the legal help and support you need.

4) Financial problems. After a car accident, you may be unable to work, which can affect your income. Even if your workplace offers paid leave, your recovery may take longer than leave is offered, leaving you with no income. As well, your accident may leave you with substantial medical bills. A good Florida attorney is important to secure a fair settlement which will compensate you for your financial losses after your accident.

5) Investigations. After your car accident, your attorney may launch an investigation into your accident. Insurance companies may also launch their own investigations to determine the extent of your injuries. Some investigators for insurance companies may place you under surveillance or may questions friends and neighbors. For many people, these tactics are disturbing and troubling. A good attorney, however, can ensure that a thorough investigation reveals the true nature of the accident, which can help you in negotiations with the insurance provider.