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Chronic Back Pain After a Car Accident

Many people who are in car accidents in Hollywood and South Florida suffer from back injury. In some unfortunate cases, survivors experience chronic back pain, which can change their lives forever. Chronic back pain is serious pain to the back or lower back area lasting three months or more. In some cases, the pain can be debilitating. In these situations, is it important to get excellent medical advice and to pursue compensation so that patients can get the medical support they need.

One of the most devastating things about back pain is that it can take a long time to diagnose. Patients may be told that their severe back pain will go away. It may take months to realize that the condition is long-term or even permanent. Unfortunately, by that time some patients have accepted insurance claim money. By the time they realize that their medical treatment will be much more expensive and involved than they believed, they may have limited their rights to pursue additional benefits.


Protect Yourself: Talk to an Attorney

For this reason, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community if you’ve been injured in a car accident. You can always contact Flaxman Law Group, for example, for a free consultation if you’ve been injured. Insurance companies may be in a rush to give you a small amount of compensation and send you on your way, but the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group carefully review the total likely costs of your injuries and the scope of your losses. Only then does our legal team pursue compensation against all liable parties, so that we can pursue the full amount you may need to care for yourself and your family.

Chronic Back Pain From Car Accidents

In a car accident, passengers are often thrown about and in some cases this can cause damage to the back. Back injuries can happen a number of ways:

  • Passengers may not be wearing a seat belt and may be thrown from the vehicle, causing serious spinal cord trauma
  • Passengers may have their backs injured during transport to the hospital after their traffic collision
  • Passengers may be snapped forward in a collision and then snapped back by the seatbelt, causing strain and injury to the back
  • Defective seatbelts and airbags may fail to protect passengers correctly in a crash

Chronic Back Pain Can Change Your Life

Car accidents can cause damage to the back’s tendons, discs, ligaments, soft tissue, or muscle, leading to debilitating chronic pain. This sort of pain can change a person’s life in many ways:

  • The pain may be severe enough to make everyday activities and work impossible
  • Mobility may be affected
  • Patients may need a variety of medications or pain management techniques
  • Traditional pain management does not always work with chronic back pain
  • Patients may experience depression, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders and even personality changes due to the trauma of extended, serious pain
  • Chronic back pain may require multiple, expensive tests and suggested treatments by doctors and specialists

Many people who suffer from chronic back pain cannot return to their jobs and daily life for some time – or even permanently. Caring for themselves, earning a living, and the other things we take for granted may simply not be possible.

If you have suffered chronic back pain due to a roadway accident caused by someone’s negligence, you may have a legal claim. Pursuing that claim may be important in recovering financial resources so that you can pay for medical attention, lost wages, pain medicine, treatment, and the many other expenses you will face because of your condition.

If you or a member of your family has suffered chronic back pain and you’d like legal advice and support, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. Our law firm has offices in Hollywood, Miami, and Homestead and we are proud to serve the entire South Florida area. Our attorneys have more than six decades of combined experience helping people like you protect their interests.