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Communicating With Your Attorney After Your Florida Car Accident

If you have been in a Florida truck accident or car accident and have retained the services of a Florida car accident attorney to handle your case, you can improve the possible success of your case in two ways. First, it is important to find a good, experienced Florida attorney you can trust. Second, it is important to maintain good communication with your attorney so that he or she can do their job. Here’s how to keep communication successful:

1) Give your attorney the facts they need. If you have documents or evidence of your injuries (such as photos or contact information for witnesses) by all means share this information with your attorney. The more your attorney knows, the more he or she will be able to help. Many attorneys will tell you what they need in order to investigate your accident. Feel free to ask your attorney what you can do to make your case stronger. Of course, always be honest with your attorney. Do not claim to be a Florida brain injury patient as a result of your injury if you are not.

2) Decide on frequency and format of communications. Of course, you will want to get updates about your case. However, you also want to leave your attorney with plenty of time to work on your case. The best solution is to establish, early on, how and when communication will take place.

3) Work with a written agreement and make sure that you understand the agreement before you sign. Your agreement protects both you and your attorney. Many misunderstandings can be cleared up simply by understanding and re-reading your contracts.

4) Don’t be afraid to speak up. If you’re upset about something related to the costs or the case, let your attorney know in a polite and businesslike way. Often, problems can be cleared up with a frank discussion. Clearing the air is important as it allows your relationship with your attorney to remain positive.

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