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Companies Claim Apps Could Help Young Drivers Avoid Car Accidents in Pembroke Pines and Other Communities

Teen drivers may be more at risk when it comes to car collisions in Pembroke Pines and other communities, according to researchers. The culprit, according to many experts, is that young drivers have less driving experience than older drivers and may not yet have honed the skills necessary to avoid traffic collisions in Pembroke Pines or their communities. This may be one reason why teen drivers have higher accident rates.

There are many ways that experts claim parents can help their teen drivers stay safer while they develop their driving skills:

• Get extra lessons for teens with driving instructors
• Limit teen driver’s driving privileges and only gradually add privileges as the teen develops their driving skills
• Set firm rules about no cell phone use, no passengers, and no additional distractions that can lead to road accidents
The University of North Carolina has an additional idea. The university has developed an app, Time to Drive, for teen users. The iPhone app allows teens and parents to set goals in order to gain specific driving experience and driving skills. Teens and parents can track progress as young drivers gain experience with bad weather, interstate driving, nigh driving, and other skills. The app is not intended to be used when driving; drivers open it after driving to log experience and the app works in the background as someone drives. According to senior research associate Arthur Goodwin, Time to Drive encourages teens to get driving experience in a range of situations.

There are other apps and devices on the market aimed at teen drivers, too. A free distracted-driving app for teen drivers is available from Esurance and Cellcontrol. The app prevents drivers from getting or sending texts while the car is in motion. OrigoSafe is a device that prevents a driver from starting their car until their phones are docked. The system is an ignition interlock system and does not require a monthly cost.

DriveCam is similar to a nanny cam and allows parents to keep an eye – literally – on their teen drivers. The camera sends out alerts if a teen drives beyond a certain area or swerves or speeds. The cam service is offered by Sprint. Sprint also offers a pay-per-month Sprint Drive First service. This service disables a driver’s ability to text when their car is moving more than 10 mph.

Do these devices and apps help to prevent car and pedestrian accidents in Pembroke Pines and other communities? In some cases, it may be useful for drivers to get a reminder to turn their cell phones off when driving. In the end, however, it may be more useful for teens to learn to turn their own cell phones off behind the wheel. For parents, these apps and devices, however, can help provide some peace of mind and can be another tool in helping to prevent distracted driving.

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