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Costs in Car Accidents

Car accidents are expensive as well as traumatic. In addition to causing distress and suffering, they often create severe financial trauma as well. Under Florida law, you may be entitled to have some of these costs paid for if someone’s recklessness and negligence has caused the car accident:

1) Medical bills. You may have to stay in the hospital for a long time and see specialists. You may need to pay for medical tests, medicine, or even medical equipment such as a wheelchair or casts. A severe injury caused by a car accident can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket if you do not seek legal assistance.

2) Property damage. If your car is ruined or damaged and the other driver is not adequately insured, some of those costs may be coming out of pocket if you do not seek legal help. Any item you may have had in your car at the time of the crash – such as your cell phone, computer, or camera – may also have to be replaced.

3) Long-term therapy bills. Many car accident victims need long-term physical therapy, counseling, or other long-term services that are often not considered in an insurance company’s initial offer.

4) Lost wages. If you have been injured in a car accident, you likely lost wages because you had to lose work. You may also have to lose additional wages and more work if you need long-term therapy or treatment or if you need to attend court dates because of your accident.

5) Associated costs. You may need to renovate your home to accommodate an injury. If you are in a wheelchair after your accident, for example, you may need to make your home wheelchair-accessible. You may need to have your car towed and you may need to pay a number of legal costs.

6) Wrongful death. If you have lost someone in the car accident, you not only feel their loss, but you may also lose the income they contributed to your household as well as help they provided you.

All of these costs emphasize why consulting with a qualified Florida personal injury attorney is essential after a car accident. A good attorney can explain all your options and can help you negotiate with insurance providers. In some cases, an attorney can represent you legally to ensure that you don’t have to pay huge financial costs for someone else’s reckless driving.