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Could Spring Break Mean a Spike in Miami Car Accidents?

In March, millions of college students across the US take a Spring Break vacation. Florida, and especially Miami, have long been popular destinations for Spring Break, due to the area’s beaches and warm climate. Unfortunately, experts are warning that Spring Break could cause a spike in injuries and car accidents in popular vacation destinations.

Unfortunately, Spring Break has become somewhat synonymous with alcohol and many college students on break do indulge in alcohol when relaxing away from classes. This can lead to alcohol poisoning, more Miami car accidents, and more injuries overall. According to the CDC, young people are more likely to suffer a fatal injury or serious injury due to alcohol-related accidents during Spring Break. Luckily, there are also many things that college students can do to have a safe Spring Break:

1) Rely on taxis rather than on rental cars. In cities such as Miami, taxis are plentiful and can be much safer than renting a car, since students do not have to worry about parking the car or getting it back after a night out. As well, taxi drivers are more familiar with Miami streets than visitors, which can also help curb Miami traffic accidents. Taxis, when shared, can also be less expensive than renting a car.

2) Wear practical shoes when going out. Miami car accidents aren’t the only thing that students have to worry about. Drinking can lead to an overall loss of coordination which can easily lead to trips and falls.

3) Designate a driver – even if no one will be driving. Even if no one plans on driving, having a designated driver is important. That person can get help if anyone trips and falls, drinks too much, or shows signs of being ill.

4) Avoid binge drinking. Binge drinking is not only dangerous because it leads to Miami drunk driving accidents. Binge drinking is also dangerous in and of itself, and can lead to liver and heart problems as well as alcohol poisoning and other dangerous conditions. Drinking in moderation is always the safer choice.

5) Avoid walking to the hotel after a night of drinking. While walking is safer than drinking and driving, it can easily lead to a Miami pedestrian accident. Intoxicated pedestrians can wander into traffic or can make poor decisions at crosswalks, so taking a taxi is a better choice. Intoxicated students can also be an easier target for criminals, so staying together and taking a taxi back to the hotel is the safer option.

6) Have contacts in place and a way of contacting someone for help. A cell phone and a list of friends you can call at any time can help you avoid poor decisions such as drinking and driving.

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