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Curb Bicycle Accidents in Hollywood and Across Florida

May is National Bicycle Month, according to the League of American Bicyclists. It’s an important month for bikers in Hollywood and other parts of South Florida.


Given the many green spaces and the mild weather in Florida, it’s not surprising that many Florida and Hollywood residents and tourists enjoy hopping on their bicycles to explore the coast and the cities of the state. Unfortunately, Florida has consistently ranked poorly when it comes to pedestrian and bicycle safety. If you want to cycle around South Florida, keep these safety tips in mind:

1) Choose safe paths.

When cycling around Hollywood or any South Florida community, choose your routes carefully. Bicycle paths that are well away from traffic and in green spaces are your best since and you won’t be competing with motorcycles, cars, and truck divers who may not see you. If you are bicycling around a city, look for areas that have bicycle paths which keep you separate from the rest of traffic. Look for routes that don’t have heavy, fast traffic where you can be easily overlooked.

2) Stay visible.

Wear light colored clothing and reflective clothing. Put reflective strips on your bicycle and use lights to make sure that your bicycle stays highly visible to other drivers. Lights and reflective stickers on your helmet can also help.

3) Obey traffic laws.

Signs, traffic light, and markings on the road apply to you, too. Never go against the flow of traffic or cycle where cars may not expect to see a bicycle. Do not cycle through red lights or take other risks.

4) Always wear a helmet.

If you are thrown from your bicycle, the biggest danger to you is striking your head against the pavement and suffering a severe brain injury. A properly fitted helmet that is securely placed on your head can help you can help protect you against head injuries as well as some spinal cord injuries.

5) Communicate with the vehicles around you.

Signal with your hands if you want to turn, stop, or make other maneuvers. Make eye contact with car drivers, pedestrians, and other road users around you so that you can be sure that they notice you and are aware of your presence.

6) Stay completely focused on your safety.

Never bicycle if you are under the influence, are texting or using a mobile device, or are distracted. Never listen to music or wear headphones while you cycle, since you need to be able to hear the traffic and any warning noises around you. Treat bicycling as seriously as you would driving a car; riding your bicycle can in fact be more dangerous since you have fewer layers of protection.

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