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Have a Drive-Home-Sober Plan for This Weekend in Hollywood

This Super Bowl weekend, there will be many parties celebrating football and many bars will also have drink specials as well as special events planned. No matter how you plan on watching sports, you will want to make sure you take steps to avoid being in a drunk driving accident in Hollywood or your community. There are several ways you can stay safer this weekend:


1) Plan ahead.

Know where you’re going and what the risks will be. For example, if you are heading to a bar to watch the game, make sure you set aside enough money for a cab home. Or, go with a friend who can act as a designated driver and get you both home safely.

2) Leave the car at home.

You may have an easier time making the right choices if you remove temptation entirely. If you know you will be drinking at a friend’s house, party, or bar, consider leaving your car at home so you won’t be tempted to drive after you’ve been drinking.

3) Be responsible if you’re the host.

Gather up the keys of your guests as they come in and have cash on hand for taxis or have a designated driver on hand to drive everyone home. Don’t let your friends drive home if they have been drinking. Serve alcohol earlier in the night and start serving coffee or nonalcoholic beverages well before the game ends.

4) Keep tempers in check.

A big game can make tempers flare, and alcohol can lower inhibitions. This can cause problems besides just drunk driving. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to get into arguments or heated exchanges during a game. When you drink, keep in mind this is more likely. Strick to drinking in moderation, celebrate with friends who can help you calm down and keep a rein on your temper to avoid altercations.

5) Surrender your keys.

Hand your keys over to a trusted family member or friend, so they can keep them to prevent you from drinking and driving.

6) Have someone check in.

Have someone check in with your when the game ends to make sure you have a sober ride home and as a reminder from someone you love to drive responsibly. This can go a long way towards helping you make the right decisions.

7) Have a plan for after the party.

If you’re going to a party that is out-of-the-way or to a popular bar, you may have to wait some time for a taxi or ride home. Have a plan for after the game so you won’t make the wrong choice if you have been drinking. Plan to go out for a bite eat or to a friend’s house while you wait to make the waiting a little easier.

8) Consider renting a car and driver.

If a group of you are going out to see the game, renting a car and driver is an easy way to have a great time while ensuring you can get around safely. You won’t even have to worry about parking.

9) Look out for other risky activities.

Drunk driving isn’t the only problem during Super Bowl weekend. It can be tempting to head out on the water to watch the game, for example. However, drunk boating is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Similarly, deciding to walk home after you’ve been drinking can be a problem if your motor skills are such that you risk tripping and falling or wandering into traffic and causing a pedestrian accident in Homestead or your community. If you plan on drinking, the safest place for you is with friends and family who will look out for you or at home where you will be safer.

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