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Drive Safely During the Last Weekend of Summer

Now that summer is coming to a close, many people are having end-of-summer parties. In many cases, these parties involve barbecue and alcohol. Whether you are throwing a party yourself or attending someone else’s event, make sure that you stay safe. Here’s how:


1) If you’re hosting an event, serve alcohol conscientiously.

Serve alcohol earlier in the evening and be careful about serving too much to anyone who is already inebriated. Stop serving alcohol well before the party ends and serve coffee to give people a chance to sober up. Make sure that you have cash on hand to send home people in taxi cabs or have a guest room set up for anyone who is no longer able to drive.

2) If you’re attending parties, have a designated driver.

If you’re attending parties to celebrate the end of the summer, make sure that you have a safe way to get home. This is especially important if the party will be held at a holiday cottage or remote home far from public transportation or major cities. Have a designated driver, make plans to stay overnight, or have extra money on hand to share a cab. Have multiple plans for getting home safely. Having just a designated driver is risky because that person may end up drinking after all. Always have a Plan B.

3) Even if you’re not headed to any special events for the end of the summer, stay extra alert for drunk drivers on the roads.

Even if you’re not headed to end-of the-summer parties, you could be affected by drunk drivers in Hollywood or your community. When driving over Labor Day weekend, especially, keep alert for drivers who are driving erratically or are drifting into other lanes. Drive defensively, and be prepared to move out of the way suddenly.

4) Review driving rules with your teens.

Don’t assume your underage children don’t drink and drive. Unfortunately, underage drinking is an epidemic and many children feel pressured to drink at parties. Make sure your children know how to say no when offered alcohol or drugs. At the same time, make sure your teens understand they can always call you for a safe ride home if they need it – no questions asked. It can be scary to offer that because it takes away the option to discipline, but children are far more likely to take risks rather than face danger of being “in trouble.”

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