Driving Alone at Night in Florida? Use these Safety Tips

Driving alone at night in Homestead or anywhere in Florida comes with some added dangers. Fatigued driving accidents are more common at night, as are drunk driving accidents. Visibility is poor and more wildlife may be on the roads. Driving alone at night can also make you a possible target for potential criminals.


Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to stay safer on the roads:

1) Improve visibility: Make sure you take care of your eyes and have the right lens prescription if you wear glasses on contact lenses. If you wear glasses, consider a no-glare coating so you can see well at night. Adjust the interior and dash light to further prevent glare. If you wear contact lenses, avoid driving at night after a full day of wearing contacts, when they may be dried and uncomfortable. Use headlights and high beams, as needed, to allow other drivers to see you.

2) Bring someone with you: If possible, having someone else with you makes you less of a target for criminals and also allows you to stay more awake. A passenger can be an extra set of eyes and can even help with driving if you get too tired.

3) Prevent breakdowns: Have your car serviced regularly and keep it filled with gas. You don’t want your car to be stuck in the middle of a road at night.

4) Avoid getting lost: Have your GPS, phone, and instructions on how to get to your destination. Stick to main routes, where there may be more open businesses and more landmarks. Keep in mind even usual routes can look different in the dark.

5) Lock your doors and keep valuables hidden: This will make you less of a target. You can also turn off interior lights at night to make yourself and your car’s interior less visible.

6) Avoid cruise control at night: Keeping your focus on driving helps you stay alert.

7) Avoid distraction: Distracted driving is a danger at any time, but especially so when you are tired at night and visibility is poor. Keep your full focus on driving and on your safety.

8) Be prepared for the unexpected: If you notice another driving acting suspiciously or aggressively, trust your instinct. Lock your car and drive to a police station, call for help, or drive to an open gas station or other business. If your car breaks down, call for help and wait for a tow truck driver or other professional to help.

9) Stay alert: Keep the interior of your car cool and avoid driving when you are very tired. The dark night can make you feel even more sleepy. If you must drive, have a coffee and plan where you can take safe breaks.

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