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Driving in Miami Heat and Preventing Car Accidents

Florida is known for its sunny weather, but when temperatures soar into the 90s or 100s, you may need to consider more than just sunscreen. High heat can also affect your driving safety. Rising temperatures can cause your car to overheat and can lead to heat exhaustion and other problems on the roads.


If you will be driving in Miami or anywhere in Southern Florida this summer, follow these tips to avoid car collisions:

1) Check your car’s fluids.

Coolant can be the most important fluid in your car, since too little of it can cause your car to overheat. However, you’ll also want to keep oil, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid,  oil, and power steering fluid topped up to keep your car running at optimum levels.

2) Keep your car in good shape.

Maintenance is even more important in the summer, sine Miami temperatures can wreak havoc with many of your car’s systems and components. At minimum, you will want to:

  • Check tire pressure regularly to ensure expansion with heat hasn’t harmed your tires
  • Get your battery tested and replaced if needed
  • Get your car’s hoses and belts inspected for heat-related cracking and damage

3) Recognize that the heat can affect you even more than your car.

Heat can exacerbate fatigue and can make you feel drowsy. Only drive if you have had adequate sleep and are alert. Work to keep your car’s interior cool so you will be more comfortable.

Keep in mind that driving in the heat can also make you grumpy, and anger can lead to aggressive driving. Try to keep tabs on your emotional state and avoid driving when you feel angry or upset; you may simply not be making the best safety choices when you’re not at your best.

4) Try to avoid long drives during the hottest parts of the day.

If you need to drive over long distances or are heading out for a road trip, try to drive more during the cooler parts of the day, such as the morning and evening. Try to schedule breaks for the time around noon—including the few hours just before and after the noon hour. These  are the parts of the day that tend to be hottest and tend to have the most glare.

5) Keep your air conditioning system in good order.

In Florida heat, your car’s air conditioning system may feel as essential to driving as your steering wheel. Get your air conditioning system inspected if it is not functioning as it should. Be sure to get refrigerant levels and cabin filter checked out, too. If your air conditioning is not working at its best, topping up your refrigerant levels and replacing an older cabin filter can keep your car interior more comfortable.

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