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Driving with Tourists: Things to Keep in Mind When Driving in Miami and Southern Florida at this Time of Year

Miami and Southern Florida see tens of millions of visitors each year. Tourists arrive year-round but summer can be especially busy for tourism. Many visitors have summer vacation time or want to be able to enjoy or want to take part in the many special activities and festivals taking place in the area.


Unfortunately, a busy tourist season can mean a risk of accidents on Miami and area streets. While most tourists are safe and carefully drivers, they may not be familiar with local streets or local driving rules. They may also become lost. All these risk factors can lead to car accidents in Miami and other cities.

At this time of year, keep these safety tips in mind for sharing the road with visitors:

1) Get ready for busier streets.

Summer events as well as an influx of visitors can make streets in Miami and other southern Florida cities busier than usual. Be prepared for extra traffic so you don’t lose your temper when you are delayed. Keep in mind that construction projects can also slow down traffic.

2) Look out for pedestrians.

Many visitors pop out of their cars to explore Miami and surrounding areas on foot. Always stay alert for pedestrians and bicyclists.

3) Prepare for the unexpected.

One of the biggest dangers with visitors is that they may not be familiar with local city streets. They may not recognize hazards which seem obvious to you. They may also be looking for a specific civic number or attraction and may be focused on that. They may make unexpected maneuvers, so always stay alert.

4) Give yourself extra time to get to your destination.

With crowded streets and the need to be more alert, give yourself a little extra time during the summer to get to and from your destination. You don’t want to be rushing at a time when city streets are so busy.

5) Put your distractions away.

Summertime means your full focus has to be on driving. Not only can streets be busier, but the heat of and the glare of the sun itself can be quite distracting. Always make sure your full focus is on the road and on safe driving.

6) Check traffic reports.

Set up automatic traffic updates and alerts on your phone, so you can be aware when traffic slows down or when there is an accident or roadwork ahead. You can adjust your route so you can enjoy less stressful driving while getting to your destination more easily.

7) Use extra caution around tourist attractions.

Amusement parks, beaches, museums, and other public attractions can mean more traffic in and out of parking lots, more pedestrians, and more visitors who are eager to see the attractions and may not always be looking both ways. Slow down use extra caution in busier areas, especially at festivals and in and around parking lots attached to tourist attractions.

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