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Dropping Your Child Off For School? Avoid Early Morning Car Accidents

Many parents drop their children off at school, and this can cause congestion and dangerous conditions in the school zone area. If you need to drop your child off at school on a regular basis, consider these tips to prevent pedestrian accidents and car collisions:

1) Arrange a car pool or walking group. If you live close to school, arrange to have two adults walk a group of children to school each day. The parents can stop off at each child’s home and walk the children to school. If you have to drive, arrange a car pool. Both solutions will free up more of your time and reduce congestion in front of the school.

2) Do not drive tired, stressed, or rushed. School zones are filled with children running into the road, cars pulling in and out of school parking spots, and other hazards. If you are tired, in a rush, or stressed, you may make a mistake that causes an accident. School zone driving requires all your attention. If you cannot safely drive your child, take them to school in a cab or find another way to school.

3) Park a little away from the school and walk your child to school. It takes a little extra time, but it allows you to spend some time with your child and allows you to avoid the hectic and dangerous traffic near the school. The extra bit of exercise will also get your child’s day started on the right foot.

4) Leave early. If you need to get to work after dropping your child off at school, leave early and drop your child off at school early. Make sure your school has a safe waiting area or supervised playground for children before the bell rings. Many accidents and personal injuries can be prevented in the early morning hours if only parents gave themselves more time.

5) Pay attention to school bus zones and traffic signals. If a sign says no idling or parking, obey the sign. Never try to park in a school bus parking zone – even for a minute – and never try to pass a school bus that is loading children on or off. Not only will this result in fines, but it is extremely dangerous.