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Everyday Decisions That Could Lead to a Car Accident in Hollywood or Your City

Certain decisions you make can increase your chances of being in a car collision in Hollywood or of sustaining a serious injury:

1) Deciding to do too much. It may not seem to have anything to do with your driving, but a very long to-do list can lead to a car or truck accident in Hollywood. When you are overextended with too many tasks, you may find yourself distracted and exhausted from your busy schedule – and fatigued driving and distracted driving are major contributors to traffic crashes in Hollywood and across the country. Make a list of everything you want and need to accomplish and then work on outsourcing some of those tasks to others. Or, consider taking public transit so that you can do some work while someone else focuses on driving.


2) Not considering your route first. Road work, poor weather, and heavy traffic can all contribute to car and motorcycle accidents in Hollywood and Florida. To save yourself time and frustration while staying safer, check for updates about your routes before you hop in the car and adjust your driving plans as needed.

3) Not thinking three moves ahead. Think ahead a few moves and you are less likely to be startled by other drivers or suddenly cut someone off. Thinking to where you need to be allows you to plan ahead and change lanes as needed, keeping you safer.

4) Moving too little in the car – and not using your mirrors. In your car, you should be checking blind spots by physically turning and using your mirrors regularly so that you know exactly what is going on around you. This is especially important when backing up, changing lanes, and turning.

5) Ignoring your health. Even minor symptoms can become deadly on the road if you suddenly lose consciousness, have a dizzy spell, or even have a sneezing spell on a freeway. If you are ill, take a break from driving until your doctor gives you the all-clear. Get symptoms checked out. If you are given a new diagnosis, be sure to ask your doctor and pharmacist how your illness and medication could affect your driving skills.

6) Deciding to drive when you should take an alternative transportation option home. Many of us just hop in the car, focused on getting to our next destination. Few of us stop to ask “Am I fit to drive right now?” Yet this one little question could help prevent many car crashes and pedestrian accidents on Hollywood streets. If you are distracted, upset, angry, fatigued, or unwell, you should not be driving.

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