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Florida Car Accidents in Parking Lots

Florida parking lots are a high-risk area for car accidents and Florida pedestrian accidents. Parking lots involve a lot of cars zipping around, many pedestrians headed to their cars, and many drivers who are distracted with getting that ideal parking spot. Although accidents in parking lots are usually low-speed collisions and therefore do not cause much damage, pedestrian accidents in parking lots can still lead to serious Florida brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries.

As well, some motorists drive very quickly in parking lots, which can make car accidents much more serious. Since most stores rely on trucks for delivery of inventory, parking lots can also mean that cars and pedestrians share the space with large commercial trucks. A Florida pedestrian involving a truck – even a truck moving at a slow speed – is still likely to be fatal. Therefore, it is important not to get complacent about parking lot accidents.

If you have been in a Florida car accident in a parking lot, even if it’s just a fender bender, pull the cars to a safe location to prevent a secondary accident. Exchange phone numbers with anyone involved and with any witnesses. Call the police and your insurance company to file a report. Even if the accident was relatively minor, you may still need to make a claim to have your car repainted – small damage can still be expensive to fix. If you decide to file a claim later on or realize that the damage was more severe than you thought, having some documentation is important and filing insurance and police reports is important to ensure good documentation. Take photos of the accident and note down the conditions, location, date, time, and weather at the time of the accident.

If the car accident is more serious and you cannot move your car, get out of your car and put on your emergency flashers to ensure that no one rear ends you. If anyone is injured, get medical help immediately. Take photos of any conditions that may have contributed to the accident – such as an incorrectly parked car or poor paving. If anyone is injured or if the accident involved a drunk driver or commercial car or truck, you will want to possibly contact a personal injury attorney. You will also want to contact a personal injury attorney if the damages are considerable.

Although car accidents in parking lots are usually low-risk, you want to avoid them, and you can often do so simply by parking further away from other cars and especially from larger trucks. You can also help prevent accidents in parking lots by driving slowly and by using signal lights to indicate turns. Use extra caution when entering or exiting parking spots or the parking lot itself – these are the highest risk times for a car accident in a parking lot.

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