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Florida May Soon Send Drivers With Three Car Accidents on Their Record to School

A new statute in Florida may soon see frequent-collision drivers headed back to school. Under the new rules, any driver who is in three accidents in a period of three years will need to pass driving school before being allowed to drive again. The driver with three or more crashes will need to take on-road training and will need to pass the driving test, much like a new driver.

The new statute aims to reduce the number of car accidents and serious injuries resulting from car accidents. Some areas of Florida – notably Miami, Hillsborough county, Pinellas county, and Jacksonville – have very high car accident rates. The accidents in these areas cause many fatalities as well as serious burn injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and other serious injuries.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, crowded roads and rapid population growth may be contributing to the number of collisions. However, a number of drivers who seem to be in repeat crashes may also be contributing to the accident rates. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, over 3 200 Florida motorists sustain three or more accidents in a three year term. Many experts believe that a motorist with so many accidents may be unsafe and should be re-evaluated for safety and training.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the majority of repeat accident drivers are not senior citizens or teens. Most have been behind the wheel for 15 years or so and have become over–confident while also developing some bad habits. The new law, which will be in place by January 1, aims to help drivers deal with these habits.

So far, it is unknown whether drivers who are instructed to get mandatory training after three accidents will seek exemption. However, most experts agree that extra training and evaluation is a good idea for many drivers who have been in a car accident. Training helps to target those bad habits that can lead to accidents and can make a driver feel more comfortable behind the wheel again after an accident.